Why I don’t retweet other authors

I’m a big fan of helping indie authors – I don’t think anyone can call me selfish with my time or resources (I give away a lot of both, freely). But I also don’t retweet other authors very often. In fact, I actively purge my feed of book promotions or spam. And I unfollow authors

Oops – I unsubscribed the wrong half of my email list

I was trying to unsubscribe people who never opened my emails, but screwed something up with Mailchimp segmentation. I was trying to clean things up, but made a big mess. I’ll try to figure it out asap! UPDATE: So I was using Mailchimp segmentation to try and get rid of some of the emails that

Bestselling book launch tactics for fiction authors (Q/A chat)

Bestselling book launch tactics for fiction authors (Q/A chat)

Today I chatted with Michelle Madow and Leia Stone about their recent book launches – since we all launched a book on 1/26th, it’s been fun to see how our different marketing choices, platform and audience has impact the success of our books.   Here’s a list of topics we cover: Pricing – free, 99cents,

Why I don’t call myself a “bestselling author.”

Hitting #1 in the Free categories on Amazon isn’t that hard. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t qualify you as a bestselling author. Hitting #1 in the Paid categories is harder, but not that hard. I did it today with 64 sales. I’m a bestselling author on Amazon right now. And some of my books