Interviews and podcast appearances

I should’ve started this page a long time ago… but here are the podcasts, Google Hangouts and other interviews I’ve participated in, mostly about book cover design, starting online businesses, or book marketing. I’ve also been mentioned on ABC, NBC, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, CNN, Nanowrimo, Kobo and a few others.

Podcasts are great if you get in the habit, because you can listen while driving, running errands, cooking or doing housework (otherwise unproductive time). Start listening to self-publishing and writing podcasts and you’ll learn all you need to know.

Getting Paid for your Passion (Self Publishing Formula)

Creative Careers and Publishing (Career Kickstart Academy)

6 Steps for Building your Author Mailing List through Giveaways (Reedsy)

Side Hustle Nation – how to make $5K a month in fiction books on Kindle

The Author Hangout. Book Covers and Givewaways.

Kevin T Johns – Writing Fiction that Sells

Self-made Entrepreneurs: How I made $10K a month designing book covers. (#13)

Book Cover Design and Entrepreneurship with Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn)

All you need to know about book covers with Ani Alexander

How to design a book cover that sells – Authorpreneur, with Jim Kukral

Genre marketing funnels, the bestselling fiction podcast with Dan Dynneson

Author Marketing Live – Designing your Own Bestselling Book Cover (Jim Kukral).

Designing Beautiful Book Covers that Sell, Publishing Profits, with Tom Corson-Knowles

Self-publishing and DIY book marketing, 360 Entrepreneur with Yann Ilunga

Authors Crib interview, Mayowa

Rocking Self-publishing podcast

Alliance of Independent Authors FringeFest

Self-publishing Advice

Author hacks – self-publishing podcast

Live Limitless

Book Marketing with Authors

Nonfiction Authors Association

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