For the first time since I started writing, I really feel like I know how to get there. I’m constantly telling my author friends about your courses and just about what a great person you are. Some people won’t apply your lessons because they’re looking for those magic buttons and quick fixes we’ve all been conditioned to believe in by the 'gurus.' Those of us willing to work on the non-sexy stuff can see the difference, and you come out on top every time."

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful books and great advice on self-publishing. Your words make much more sense to me than anything else I have read on the subject. I am feeling substantially more confident now, and I am most grateful for that. Just wanted to make sure that my voice joins the many voices of your admirers. Your work is very important and wonderful in so many ways."

Hi Derek! I'm at the point where I make over $2500 a month from my writing, and it all started with you, so you know how special you are to me. I still remember your e-mails when they said all right, let's start making your 1k. Now I'm at double that, and ready to learn more from you."

The content you are offering is amazing. There are SO many others offering similar services, not as in depth as yours, for SOOOO much more money. It's sickening how much they want. Thanks for being reasonable and offering even more. It took me quite a while to find you after viewing MANY other publishing courses for MANY months that help authors. I chose you because yours is chocked full of goodies. Plus it seems like you really want to help people succeed."

If you want results: just ask Derek for help. He was able to identify areas of improvement in my book descriptions, book covers, and my email funnel; after applying his suggested changes, I have reached an average of $2800 income per month from my book sales. This is not due to pure luck, but to his sharp and effective approach to book marketing."

Thanks Derek! Your tutorials have steered me through some tricky processes. It can be a steep and intimidating learning curve. I’m well past 25,000 copies sold and have 260+ reviews on Amazon with 75% of them five star! My success is in no small measure a reflection on your publishing resources."

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all the content that you've put out. I'm right in the middle of finishing up my first two books and will be self-publishing hopefully soon. The amount of mistakes you've saved me from making... thank you is all I can say. People like you are the reason that this is becoming possible to jump into this market and compete!"

I’ve been a writer for a long time. Researching how to sell books online, I have read a lot of material as you can probably imagine. Most of it is pure trash. But, your publishing resources had some meat. These tips are going to come in handy for me and I have no problem giving you a shoutout. Keep that up. I like people like you who actually have something to offer."

You’ve finished your manuscript and are ready to publish. Great! But how do you pitch an agent or hook a publisher? How do you get it in bookstores; get book reviews; sell more copies and get famous? What about conferences and social media and advertising. Can’t someone use just do it all for me?

It can all feel so overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be! The truth is, whether you choose to self-publish or secure a traditional book deal, there are a handful of key factors that are crucial to getting it right. And rather than crossing your fingers and hoping somebody else comes along to shower you with golden praise, you *really* need to learn what you’re doing, or else you’ll be taken advantage of by a predatory author service or vanity press.

On this page, you won’t find a simple, easy publishing solution. Instead you’ll find a private cache of publishing tips and book marketing strategies I’ve used to hit the bestseller lists and sell a ton of books.

Self-publishing basics (the easy stuff)

Publishing a book is almost completely about book design: you need your interior manuscript formatted, and you need a print and ebook cover. But it’s not *just* something that needs to get done. Your cover especially is everything. Does it appeal to your target market? Does it communicate the right genre?

Most authors fail by commissioning cover art without understanding the basics of book design; or by signing up with a boutique press that does a capable, but uninspired cover. And while you can design your own cover from scratch, make sure you approach it as a professional: the cover is packaging to help lead readers to a purchasing decision.

What I can do for you…

I’ve made over six-figures in book sales and been featured in CNN for renting castles; I’m pretty good at going viral and have spoken about cover design and marketing at writing conferences around the world. But I don’t have a pricy publishing package or book launch service to offer you, because I don’t really believe in them.

Instead I make a ton of content, and then organize it together in cheap course bundles, and invest in practical tools to help you self-publish better, on a much smaller budget. Unfortunately this means, you need to actually do the work yourself to get results, but this is usually true regardless of how much you pay for some shady publisher to handle everything for you.

I’m a big fan of self-publishing so that’s what I focus on. The main thing is, nobody else is going to figure out what your book is or who it’s for: you need to know that long before you design your cover or write your blurb. Most people think “book marketing” is about getting more visibility… but it isn’t, not at all! It’s about packaging and positioning your book to attract the right audience – and that’s exactly what most authors get wrong.

Book Design and Formatting Templates

Since cover design is so important, I’ve spent countless hours years creating book cover and formatting templates, along with tutorial videos, so that you can learn to create your own graphics without screwing everything up.

Click the links below to explore, or grab my self-publishing bundle for ALL the templates, including some cool book promotion and social media graphics.

The 21 Day Bestselling Author Platform

I have several courses on book marketing, which I’ve bundled together with a newer program on launching an author platform quickly. It’s a good introduction to the options and choices you’re going to face. If you’re pitching agents with a book proposal, you absolutely need to be secure in your genre identifications and marketing appeal. But they’re also going to want to see your blog or website, email list and social media following.

And if you’re self-publishing, you may struggle with setting up your blog and email list, driving traffic, and networking on social media. But the truth is, you can set it up quickly and set it on maintenance mode, so you can go back to writing and grow your fanbase on autopilot.

Guerrilla Publishing (get feedback)

This is my *huge* course on self-publishing and book marketing, that includes everything else I offer – and it’s the *only* way to get direct and personal feedback from me (which is the fastest and easiest way to see results). Even if you don’t have time to go through all the videos, I can get you up-to-speed quickly and help you avoid some expensive mistakes.

Though I *can* take care of the book editing and book cover design, and love to occasionally put my skills to use on a satisfying project, I prefer to do light consulting. Hiring me as a coach or consultant is as easy as joining Guerrilla Publishing for access, so I can tell you exactly what to fix in order to sell more books.

What kind of writer are you?

Author Platform (DIY)


21 Day Author Platform. Learn how to self-publish and launch a bestselling book quickly.

GP (Get Help)


Guerrilla Publishing. Everything you need to build a profitable author career, and feedback to avoid mistakes.

Fine. I’ll do it all for you.


Publishing Package. If you need my team to take care of editing, book design and formatting, this is for you.

Here’s what’s included in each offer:

1. This self-publishing bundle includes a ton of exclusive tricks for reaching readers and building your author platform, along with actual design templates you can use in your book design.

Reg. $197 $37 (91% off)

2. But if you need real feedback, or someone to quickly point out why your books aren’t selling and what to do about it, you can get access to my advanced program, which comes with some quick ‘done-for-you’ services like a platform audit and first chapter critique.

Reg. $997 $397 (special price)

3. And if you really want someone to just take over and help you launch your book, I’ve set up a comprehensive deal that includes everything you need. It’ll be similar to most other self-publishing packages, only we’ll do it so much better.

You’ll actually get great design, we won’t charge you extra for useless ‘promotion’ tactics that stopped working decades ago, and you’ll have full control over your own platform.

$3997 (payment plan available)


* I don’t offer ‘book launch’ services, because they almost always lose money, unless the author has done a proper job with the basic design, packaging and positioning.

Book Marketing is a Scam

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter how you publish. So don’t worry so much about all the choices. It’s not even that hard to launch a #1 bestseller, at least in a few categories. But long-term, continued book sales, will depend on understanding that book marketing is mostly a scam: you don’t need more visibility or promotion. You need a product readers want, with instinctive features an benefits that match what they’re searching for.

It’s not rocket science, but most authors won’t take the time to learn, which makes them lucrative targets. Spending a few hours reading through my articles will put you way ahead of your competition. I have some free guides and super-intensive book launch tutorials to help you get started; or save time and grab a course if you’re determined to succeed faster.

My Publishing Guides


$12.95 FREE

“Why reinvent the wheel, and spend money uselessly, when we can leverage off the info from this book. The book contains a treasure trove of actual resources, not just advice.”



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“I hate to admit this, but the tips and tricks in Book Marketing is Dead were so great I, uh, well I purposely didn’t tell anyone about the book. There, I said it. I’m selfish and was looking for an edge.”



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“FINALLY some actual, helpful advice. If you’re an author who’s tried everything and you find nothing seems to work for you to sell your book, please pick this up… before you waste a bunch of money on marketing.”


As you’ll probably notice, most of my resources are rough and unpolished. I overthink and get lost on interesting tangents. Some people think that makes me super authentic; others think it’s sloppy. For an ADHD socially-anxious trash panda, clinging to the edge of inspiration and creative burnout, I do the best I can with presentation. But if you can overlook my faults, you’ll probably find (as most people do) that my advice works. I hope you’ll stick around.

Best Books for Authors

The 3 unskippable steps to self-publishing success

I put out my self published non-fiction research book about a year ago. I did almost everything wrong. I’m starting to come to grips with what I should have done, which I’ve arranged in the following 3-step plan for those who can benefit from my mistakes.   1) Distribution. The book has to be OUT

How to choose the PERFECT author pen name: and when you should!

How to choose the PERFECT author pen name: and when you should!

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Why I’m taking a year off to write novels: a $100,000 publishing goal

Why I’m taking a year off to write novels: a $100,000 publishing goal

In the last couple of years, I increased my online businesses to the point where I could make $100,000 a year. A month ago, I launched DIY bookcovers and made $50,000 in 6 weeks. With that success behind me, a very low cost of living and no debt, I now get to focus on something

Best free online graphics editors for making your own book cover designs

Best free online graphics editors for making your own book cover designs

Looking for a book cover maker? So was I! But I’ve built some recent solutions to book cover design, scroll down to see the latest stuff! So here’s an interesting problem: self-publishing is exploding globally. People want to publish quickly and cheaply. Formatting can be automated to some extent. But getting a high quality book

How to make a full print book cover in Microsoft Word for KDP, Lulu or IngramSpark

How to make a full print book cover in Microsoft Word for KDP, Lulu or IngramSpark

A few years ago I put out a package of DIY book cover templates in Microsoft Word and revolutionized publishing with a how-to guide to designing amazing book covers in an easy to use program you’re already familiar with. But it took me a while longer to figure out how to customize your front cover

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