The Zombie Guide to English Grammar

The Zombie Guide to English Grammar

This week a bunch of projects came together quickly, including this one, which I started last November.

I had the story, courtesy of Suzanne Gochenouer and the art is by Donovan Scherer

It took a few hours to format, then design the book covers, and then upload to Amazon. 24 hours later it’s published.

I really think this is a great project though… I picture teachers using it in the classroom, reading the story out loud.

Sign up to win a copy (will add the giveaway tomorrow… I gave some of these away a few months ago, I’ll ship them out when they’re ready).


[slideshare id=60976368&doc=zombiebookin-160415234900&type=d]
Zombie Guide to English Grammar




English has a lot of rules. Sometimes they can be tricky.

So we took the 25 most dangerous grammar mistakes and wove

them into a thrilling zombie narrative. Each rule comes with a

gruesome example sentence that’s sure to stick in your memory.

You might think you’ve got these basic grammar rules mastered,

but that’s why they’re so dangerous. Our brains are funny things

(that taste great with ketchup). Even if you already know these rules,

mistakes will still creep into your writing. You need to be vigilant,

and destroy those little buggers.

There’s even a quiz at the back so you can practice.

We hope you enjoy the story, and learn something new!

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