The 100,000 Project

I like to give round numbers to my goals, so recently I’ve been thinking of my future in terms of the following checkpoints:

1. 100,000 followers

And by that I mean email signups. About 7% of my list actually takes action when I have something interesting for them. Part of that is my fault and I’m getting better at it. I need better offers. I give away a lot of free stuff, so maybe free isn’t as enticing as $200 off or something.

But 100,000 followers would mean about 7,000 people might take action, which is a damn fine number of people to launch just about anything.

2. $100,000 a year (in passive income)

I’ve gotten close to this figure in the past when I was busting my ass working, but recently I’ve been building more passive assets. I plan to write a lot of books and build a lot of tools, services, courses and websites so that I can make $10,000 a month in passive income, which will free me up completely to do much more important things with my time, help more people, support and help fund other projects and noble causes, and live in beautiful places.

3. 100,000 words published (fiction)

100,000 words isn’t really a lot; actually I’ve published around 350,000 already; but I haven’t put out any fiction, which is a major goal and a major challenge for me. I’m going to overcome that by putting out over 100,000 words this year, ideally 10,000 words each for 10 new fiction series I have mapped out. I want to finish the first 10,000 words and put them out into the world. That will be a leap over a tall hurdle for me.

Why am I telling you all this?

Making it public keeps me on task and reminds me that other people are watching and waiting to see if I can pull it off. It’s throwing down a public gauntlet to myself. It’s making it real.