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I’m finally putting together a list of the tools and resources I use to build traffic, increase conversions, design amazing promotional materials and advertisements, write and publish books, build courses and landing pages, and make passive income online.

It took me about 10 years to figure it all out, and the first five years I worked really hard and didn’t make very much money. But now I can pretty much write full-time, own my time and schedule, live a nomadic lifestyle and create my own magnificent adventure.

These are some of the tools and resources that helped me get here.

Platform Basics

Tracking Book Sales


WordPress Themes

Landing Pages

Email Marketing

Book Writing and Editing


Book Reviews

Book Design

Courses and Education

Online Courses (Build your own)

Inspiration and Goal Setting

My Books (get these free)

Book Promotion + Keyword Research


Book Editing

Writing Improvement Software

Read my review of ProWritingAid here.



If you need help writing a blurb that converts – which can make a huge difference – Bryan Cohen has a blurb writing service to help.



This is a book by Russell Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels – it literally changed my business, and was a huge turning point in my life. I was frustrated because, even though I get a lot of traffic and people seem to trust me and love my content, I wasn’t making sales. I already knew I needed to focus more on telling stories, but I didn’t have a clear, specific roadmap.

The most revealing sentence in the book is this: “Teaching the best content can actually hurt sales. But learning how to identify, break and rebuild false belief patterns got people to take action they needed in order to change. I learned how to tell stories.”

Russell has a “just pay shipping” deal – he’s a hardcore internet marketer so his pages are a bit overwhelming, but the information in this book changed my life.



Other Creative Projects

I like to stay busy with lots of weird stuff. Here are a few things I’m interested in…

  • Treasure hunting. I like pirates and metal detectors and exploring old ruins. I love ancient mysteries. And I’m helping a friend set up a Yukon gold mining experience.


  • Christine Posted

    Derek, I notice you have sign up button on your facebook author page. How did you do that? I have a mailchimp account, which is what I’d like that link to go to.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Derek Murphy Posted

      You can add a button and link where ever you want, I just linked straight to my mailchimp form.

      • Christine Posted

        Thanks – it took me a lot of messing around on both sites but I figured it out.
        Best to you!

  • Ursmare Posted

    Watched your Plot videos, liked them very much, but didn’t take any notes because I intended to track down your offered PlotDot.pdf and Sample outline. But they were not where you said they’d be, but rather ‘they’re at my site’. But I can’t find them here either. I’d have given up by now, but I have to know if this all some sort of bait and switch. Can’t imagine such a nice guy would do that. It’s likely I’m just not looking in the right place. But I have to know now that I’ve put in such an effort.

    [email protected]

  • Jennie Kitching Posted

    Hi there Derek I am just sending oodles of gratitude for your kind advice and support which is so generously given AND which is all working. Thank you soooo much. Have a brilliant day – in fact have a whole heap of ’em. : )

  • Keith Hoar Posted

    Hey Derek – GREAT tools! Do you have a list of recommended editors that write descriptive text and/or blurbs? 90+% of respondents love my cover but think the descriptive text is the reason for no sales. Appreciate whatever resources you can point me to.

  • Terry Vickers Posted

    You probably should know that several of the links under the heading My Books (get these free) lead to books that aren’t yours and aren’t free

  • Knot Posted

  • Dee Todd Posted

    I hope you soon add a section for AI tools. Thanks.

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