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I’ve been giving out free advice to authors, artists and entrepreneurs for several years. During that time I’ve been building businesses, starting websites, raising my prices, publishing books and growing my platform. Although I’m pretty good at nearly all aspects of building a creative business, I’ve recently discovered the area where I really excel.

I often tell people things like “Get started – it’s so easy! You just pick a name, buy a domain, pick a WordPress theme and start writing!”

If I’m with them, I can take out a notepad, consolidate their idea and brainstorm it into a powerful brand name and the perfect tagline. I can isolate the ideal focus (which is a blend of their core passion and the subject that others value enough to make it profitable). In minutes I can build a masterful one year business plan for quick growth, dream up innovative ways to market and promote, offer book titles or products or events that will sell well and explode your platform. I can jot down 10 powerful headlines that will drive viral traffic.

I can do all these things because I’m a creative genius, because I have a ton of experience in this area, because I’ve gone through this process hundreds of times already, and because I truly love it. It’s my favorite thing to do in the world – especially the important aspects of branding and web design.

It’s gotten really easy for me, which is why I’ve assumed anybody could do it.

But I’ve realized recently that very few people can.

Everybody will tell you to choose a powerful brand name, target the precise subject that makes you unique and memorable, tell your personal story in an epic way… but they couldn’t actually help you to do it, and on your own you may flounder or procrastinate for a year and still have trouble concentrating your skills or values into a profitable lifestyle business.

I’ve resisted selling anything on Creativindie for a long time, and I plan to continue to make a lot of free stuff for you.

And if you email me with questions or seeking advice, I’ll probably help you anyway for free… I recently got this very lovely feedback out of the blue for example.

I love helping people so much, that I often overdeliver and offer the moon, then run out of steam because I have to prioritize paying clients.

But if you want my full attention, and you want a bunch of my time (which I don’t like to share, because I’m working on huge projects of my own) then don’t worry, I’m for sale! (Just kidding, but you can rent my brain for awhile and it’s the most valuable thing I offer).


Creative Independence Consult: $397

$397 will get you a CIC – a Creative Independence Consult. I’ll take a look at everything you’re doing, all the projects you’ve made, all the products you’re selling and tell you how to improve them. If I can do an easy design overhaul I will. I’ll give you a specific, multi-layered business plan for growth, with a bunch of action steps, and help you achieve them.

For this level, I prefer email or chat communication, with a detailed video audit where I’ll review your website, content, ideas and books; or review your rough draft. If you don’t already have *something* for me to look at, and just need to talk and process the overwhelm so you can get confidence and clarity, we can do a Skype or Zoom strategy session as well.

For best results we will do a 30 minute session, followed by a few weeks of work, then another 30 minute chat to review everything. I’ll be doing research for you, but not not a lot of writing or content building.

On top of this 1 hour of face-time, I’ll also spend up to 4 hours brainstorming for you, researching opportunities, possibly creating guest posts to promote you (or telling you how/where you should do them), building viral content if applicable, or setting up your website or platform better.

If you’re an author, I’ll review your first 5,000 words, your book outline or idea, help you brainstorm and research the right market, audience, keywords and categories, and give you high-level developmental feedback. I can help you get unstuck, finish the outline, save you hundreds of frustrating hours, and help position and package your book to sell.

3-Month Coaching Package: $997

$997 is a longer-term option for people who need ongoing support and feedback. This level comes with 3 months of regular availability through email, weekly checkins and goalposts, and accountability. Get this if you have trouble getting things done.

Keep in mind you’re mostly renting me for my breathtaking creative flexibility: I can solve problems and generate brands and play with words and envision a successful future for you better than anyone else in the world. I’ll be your motivator and champion because I can always see a path forward to success.

I won’t be making your a book cover. I won’t build you a website. But I will help you focus, clarify, and get started by helping you identify the most important, needle-moving activities that will give you the fastest results, without all the effort and wheel-spinning.

I’m putting this offer up because I know how valuable it is and how many people need it, but I also have tons of books, courses and resources you can discover on your own (you’ll get some of that for free if you sign up to my list).

I prefer writing everything down once so that you can do things yourself and I can keep happily working on my exciting projects, and I may decide I’d rather continue doing this for free, and only with my friends, than charge for it.

So read some of my content, books and guides before you decide anything. This would just be a last option if you’re really stuck getting started and can’t seem to focus on building a creative, income-generating business that turns your life into a thrilling adventure.

Ready to work with me?

I’ve been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, CNN, Nanowrimo, Kobo and a few sites, and have won awards from the writing community – my templates and tutorials have over 3 million views. I can help grow your online platform fast with smart branding, expert SEO services and creative digital marketing; and as a book editor, designer and publishing specialist I have valuable skills you won’t find elsewhere.

Send me an email first at derekmurphy [@]

After we confirm that we both like each other and are ready to move forward, I can send a paypal invoice; although for easy checkout, I also offer simplified coaching with my online courses. For example, if you join my Guerrilla Publishing program, you’ll not only get advice and feedback on how to sell your books, you’ll also get a huge amount of video tutorials, book design templates, tools for growing your email list and more – and we won’t have to try and cram everything into just an hour (long-term motivation and productivity is more important, and it’s hard to learn everything in a short amount of time).

The 21 Day Author Platform, my new course, includes a video review of your entire online presence, which is a fast and powerful way to figure out excactly what to fix today to boost traffic, visibility and sales… it’s meant for authors, so it’s specifically about writing a book that sells and using it to build an online business. It comes with advanced writing tips and a precise book launch roadmap that will help you become a bestselling author fast.

But even if you haven’t yet or never plan to publish, since it includes a platform review its actually cheaper than this coaching offer and you’ll get more content.

PS) If you’re not interested in publishing books, but are interested in starting an online creative business yourself, I’ll be working on some new books and courses for you soon – in the meantime make sure you sign up to my list for my free email series on providing value and creating work that matters.

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Writing and Publishing Services

I’m actually not a huge fan of coaching, even though it’s super useful for you – to get in the right mindset with the right plan to succeed quickly – I know the biggest hurdles are going to be in actually getting everything done to the professional quality and standard, and I’m a perfectionist, so I’d rather just do everything myself.

I recommend starting with my courses, or some consulting first – but I’m also available as an individual writing coach, and for book covers, formatting, editing and book marketing. You can find all my services in the top menu above, and I’ve just added two larger “ghostwriting” and “publishing” packages if you want me to do everything for you.

    • Book
    • ¢20per word
    • Research
    • Ghostwriting
    • Editing
    • Cover Design
    • Formatting
    • Blog
    • ¢20per month
    • SEO Audit
    • Content Marketing
    • Digital Strategy
    • Optimize Conversions
    • Double Traffic
    • Both
    • ¢15per month
    • YOU
    • GET
    • ALL
    • THIS
    • STUFF

UPDATE: I’m already booked through 2024, but you can send an email and tell me more about your project, I can make time if it interests me: derekmurphy [@]

Also don’t be afraid to just reach out and ask questions, I’m friendly!


I wanted to thank you for your wonderful books and great advice on self-publishing. Your words make much more sense to me than anything else I have read on the subject. I am feeling substantially more confident now, and I am most grateful for that. Just wanted to make sure that my voice joins the many voices of your admirers. Your work is very important and wonderful in so many ways."

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all the content that you've put out. I'm right in the middle of finishing up my first two books and will be self-publishing hopefully soon. The amount of mistakes you've saved me from making... thank you is all I can say. People like you are the reason that this is becoming possible to jump into this market and compete!"

I’ve been a writer for a long time. Researching how to sell books online, I have read a lot of material as you can probably imagine. Most of it is pure trash. But, your publishing resources had some meat. These tips are going to come in handy for me and I have no problem giving you a shoutout. Keep that up. I like people like you who actually have something to offer."

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The Plot Dot (a visual guide to story plotting and writing unforgettable fiction)

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Dear writer: don’t give up.
Dear writer: don’t give up.

I’ve dealt with the frustrations of indie authors for the last decade. I’m not generally supportive in the emotional sense. I know publishing and making a living with your writing isn’t easy, so I try to teach them how to do it right and make it easier. But the overwhelm is so great that many

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Writing for market is not selling out (how to write books that sell)

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7 book cover design secrets to sell more books

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Amazon’s war on indie authors? (Kindle bestseller rank changes)
Amazon’s war on indie authors? (Kindle bestseller rank changes)

I don’t always post every time Amazon gets weird – because it happens a lot. Mostly, they will get their act together and fix the problem… but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, small changes indicate big site-wide policy changes that can negatively affect indie authors. And it’s only the very big sellers, with experience, that notice

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Starting an epidemic: creative ideas that spread like a virus and catch like a cold
Starting an epidemic: creative ideas that spread like a virus and catch like a cold

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Best portfolio website design and examples, for artists, photographers and graphic designers

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PS. I also have a new AI editing tool that can help you revise or polish your writing, and if you need more help you can check out my book editing services.

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