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Pronoun is dead: this is why the best self-publishing services go out of business

  What’s Pronoun and what does it matter? Today was supposed to be the day I share testimonials from students and start wrapping up my course launch – but instead it’s important to comment on what’s going on with Pronoun. If you haven’t heard of Pronoun yet, it’s an ebook distribution platform like Smashwords and Draft2Digital. It’s not perfect, but …

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Author Website {INFOGRAPHIC: a marketing blueprint for indie authors}

infographic author website

I made this infographic to help authors figure out their author websites. If you like it, share it on Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook/Everywhere!   Want to make a living doing what you love? Join over 20,000 passionate creatives and turn your vision into a profitable business. My FREE manifesto and email series will help discover your source of genius and create work that matters, …

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Content or Keywords? How to write a book subtitle or tagline that grabs readers by the throat

The title of this post is a little too violent, but it exemplifies the purpose of this post: your subtitles and taglines need to engage readers. Firstly: a subtitle is usually what goes on a non-fiction book, and non-fiction book readers are mostly looking for information and content, so you need to focus on keywords (sort of, more on that later). A …

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Book marketing 101: Don’t sell a book; build a brand

For a lot of authors, “book marketing” still means something like advertising or publicity. In other words, you put something in front of people that tells them about the book, and that they should go buy it. Here’s why that doesn’t work: People need repetition before they notice, then take action. So they’ll need to see whatever it is you’re …

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51 books on book marketing that will grow your author platform 800%

Below are some of the books I read in 2014 and found useful. [ReviewAZON name=”1″ id=”6″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”B004XR57PE,B00IS884QS,0984655123,B007SYTLVA,B007IJLGUY,0615796796,B00PXHHPWQ,0981875637,159963421X,0615909205″ trackingid=”creativindie-20″ country=”” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″]   [ReviewAZON name=”2″ id=”7″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”1935953281,B00O3597M0,B00HSUWMDI,0992379636,0996076174,0990318109,B009SGXWM0,1631619969,B00PCKIJ4C,1482014092″ trackingid=”creativindie-20″ country=”us” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″] [ReviewAZON name=”3″ id=”8″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”0814432867,1591847389,0071762345,B005EPR5MM,B00JFHKNRO,1608323668,0618785914,0071819894,1599185059,1595554653″ trackingid=”creativindie-20″ country=”us” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″]   [ReviewAZON name=”4″ id=”9″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”0452297729,B00IQY2QV8,B00J1KPB9U,1493697595,B00CJ0USL0,B00LMGLYRE,B00DJUK7HE,B008IGESCE,B00CSTBZ2S” trackingid=”creativindie-20″ country=”us” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″] [ReviewAZON …

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