Using Pinterest, Youtube and Slideshare to cast a wide marketing net

These could easily be three separate topics but I’m lumping them together because they form one branch of my marketing efforts… repurposing your content.

Let’s say you wrote a great blog post and you want more traffic.

  1. Turn your blog post into a Powerpoint (I hate Powerpoint actually, I use Google Slides).
  2. Then make a video of you giving the presentation/talking about each slide.
  3. Then upload the individual slides to Pinterest (you can also share them daily on Twitter/Facebook.

​I started this video to talk about using Slideshare, Pinterest and Youtube together to repurpose your content and cast a wide net, but I got distracted talking about how to turn a book giveaway into an insanely powerful “best books in your genre” arsenal of content that bestselling authors will share and promote for you. It’s what I do for every book, or at least should be doing, and is probably the most powerful book marketing/author platform strategy in the world (and I’m kind of the only one I know doing it).



  • Karen Tomsovic Posted


    You always have such great ideas. Just trying to take them all in makes my head spin! Doing a giveaway of comparable books by other authors sounds like a great way to find your audience and connect with other authors in your genre.

    I’m looking to do something like that since I’ve only got one book (soon to be two!) out and am building readership.

    A few questions of how to go about it: I assume you contact the authors whose books you’re giving away. Do you need permission legally, or is it simply a best practice? Also, what’s the best way to distribute the books to the winner(s)?

    Every nugget of advice you give is gold. Thanks for doing this research on behalf of indies. It really cuts down the time and effort the rest of us have to spend.

    • Derek Murphy Posted

      Glad it’s helpful, this is part of the author platform course I’m building. You don’t need to ask permission to give away other people’s books – I usually let the authors know, so that they can share and link to the giveaway (many will), putting me in front of their readers (huge benefit). If the authors comment I share that too and put it on my page, it builds trust with readership to see you’re interacting with their favorite authors.

      • Karen Tomsovic Posted


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