Travel Photography

Travel Photography

One of the best parts of the creatively-independent, freelance, digital nomad, self-employed lifestyle is that you get to pretty much go wherever you want, whenever you want. Although I traveled extensively when I was younger, once I got into my “working years” it became pretty difficult to vacation.

Dreaming of all the beautiful places I wanted to go was a powerful motivator to developing my own businesses, increasing my income and striving towards a sustainable alternative to the 9-to-five grind.

Here are some of the places we’ve been in the last couple years; we aren’t professional photographers, and some of these have been pretty heavily edited. I also included some pics of my wife and I playing around and the all important pictures of yummy foreign food.

I hope they inspire you to expand your horizons.

Places I’ve been…

I’m missing so many pictures, but in case you’re curious off the top of my head here’s where I’ve been (sorry for mixing up countries and cities):

  • Lived and studied in Argentina, Malta, Italy, Korea
  • From Oregon, Married in Hawaii, living in Taiwan
  • Favorite cities: Budapest, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Cuenca, Lisbon, Kyoto, Istanbul
  • Rented Castles in Austria, France, Spain, Portugal
  • Conferences in Ecuador, Colombia, London, Saigon, Bangkok, on a cruise ship
  • Ancient Ruins in Egypt, Turkey, Peru, Libya, Tunisia, Ireland, Bulgaria

I’ve had a LOT of misadventures.