How to test if you should keep going

This is the best way to test if you should be a creative, any kind of creative, at least for a career. Say, “I’m going to take a year off from creating things.” If you can last a year, go find something else to do with your life. Seriously. Creating things is a long, lonely,

Show off your stuff!

It’s really hard for somebody to get excited about your project if they’ve never seen it before you launch. In fact, the more often somebody sees a project the more attached to it they become, and the more they will want to give you their money. This is one of the biggest secrets to selling

Don’t blame other people when they don’t buy your work

It is never somebody’s fault they didn’t buy from you. This is one of the hardest pills to swallow in this game, because we always want to blame somebody else for our misfortune, but the truth is that if somebody doesn’t buy, it is entirely our fault. Maybe we didn’t explain it right, or maybe

How to build a creative network of supportive fans

I have been able to gather a rather large group of creators who want to work with me, talk about my projects, and generally have positive things to say about me. People ask me how I have been able to build a large network in a relatively short time, so now I will tell you

Kindle Unlimited vs. Wide Book Launch Strategies

There are many pieces that go into a successful book launch strategy, and frankly, every successful author has a strategy that is unique to them. I’m not in the business of talking about unique one-off ways to find success, though. I’m all about finding the common threads between hundreds of authors and putting them together

What I learned from setting (and reaching) a big goal

2018 was a banner year in productivity and growth for me. I finished 15 books, my most ever by a long shot. On top of that, I also completed and launched three courses, which meant I completed 18 total projects in the year. I have never pushed myself harder than I did in 2018, and I was

12+ ways to dominate on social media

Is social media dead? Not by a long shot. In fact, social media is a key component in keeping my business profitable. Creators have been singing the death knell of social media for years, but I still make as much or more money from Facebook alone than I do from my newsletter, and this is

The secret to making a living as a self-published author

A couple of months ago, I wrote an in-depth article about how to land a book publishing deal, and I got a flood of questions from people asking about how to achieve success as a self-published author. I think you should read that article and this one together, and much of the social media building

How to make the perfect pitch

If you want to get somebody interested in buying your product, whether it’s a book, a print, or even your services, you need to start with a dynamite pitch. In my experience, you don’t have much time to catch somebody’s interest. Luckily, I’ve perfected the steps to a good pitch so you can gain somebody’s