How to test if you should keep going

This is the best way to test if you should be a creative, any kind of creative, at least for a career.

Say, “I’m going to take a year off from creating things.”

If you can last a year, go find something else to do with your life. Seriously. Creating things is a long, lonely, painful road, and if you can last without doing it…you should. This isn’t about wanting to create in that year, but never getting around to it.

I’m talking about the compulsion to create things. If you can last for a time without it torturing you to make things, then you should do something else, because it takes that kind of compulsion to make it as a creative.

If you can last a year…heck, if you can last more than a couple months…go do something else.

You’ll be happier. Or keep creating if you want, but maybe just do it as a hobby, in your free time, when it can still be fun. Don’t try to make it a career, because it will eat you up and spit you out if you don’t have that compulsion.

If you have that compulsion though, that need to make things and show it to the world, and you can’t stop even for a couple days, then you might just have the will to make it. Of course, it takes more than the will of a warrior, but that it the heart of it. Grit and determination make it a lot easier to overcome the adversity that’s bound to come your way over and over again.

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  • Barbara Mealer Posted

    There is no way I could take a year off..even a couple of months would be too much. I can last a day, maybe a week at the most. Even with editing, I have to be writing. It took me two weeks of editing to get back to creating something new,

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