Your mindset is not the problem

Your mindset is not the problem

I just saw someone post a story on Facebook about how all their businesses failed for the past 8 years, but that’s OK, they just didn’t have the right mindset. But now that they’ve been listening to Tony Robbins and other business coaches, they’ve fueled up their enthusiasm again and this time they know they will be successful because they believe they will be.

positive thinking

But that’s rubbish.

Businesses succeed or fail depending on how many people you can get to buy what you’re selling. If you’re selling something nobody wants, you need to work REALLY hard and persevere, and that’s when extra confidence and determination can make the difference. But it’s so much easier to stop selling shit people don’t want and figure out how to offer something people do want (or how to package and position what you’re trying to sell to make it desirable).

In other words, product fit to target audience comes first, packaging and branding and design comes next. If you feel constantly discouraged because nobody will buy from you, you either aren’t making your offer appear valuable enough or you are selling something people don’t need or want.

Sometimes you need to fail for 8 years to learn what people want and learn how to sell it to them, but extra belief isn’t what makes the difference, it’s the extra knowledge and experience you’ve gained.

If you have the right skills, and you’ve optimized your offer, and know how to put it in front of people, then yes, positive thinking can do wonderful things. Setting your expectations from $10,000 to $50,000 changes the way you see the situation; changes your thinking (you have to think, what would I have to do to earn $50,000?) Setting bigger money limits helps you grow and reach for higher things.

But if you don’t know how to make $10 online, you can’t “positive-think” your way to a successful business. You can’t expect $50,000 to come to you magically without giving something of equal value in return.

If you’re still at the beginning stages, and believe great things are coming to you but have no idea what kind of product or service to offer people, I made a coloring book for you based on “Think and Grow Rich.

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