You don’t have a traffic problem…

I just learned something new from Ryan Deiss and I’m putting it here in case I forget it. It’s a simple rule to online business that rings true for me.

“You don’t have a traffic problem.”

What you really have is a problem with motivation and conversion.

If you knew that you’d get $10 per visitor to your site,

A) You’d work harder to find ways of getting traffic…

B) You’d know exactly how much you could spend to bring new traffic with advertising.

The reason I don’t work hard enough to increase my traffic is I know nothing is really happening if they come to this site, I don’t have a great funnel system designed to educate and encourage a visitor to buy a paid product.

On the one hand that’s because I haven’t been focused on making any money with this blog – but as I learned somewhere else this year, not having any paid solutions for my audience is a disservice to them.

Most people who find me want something. They need help. They are here to learn. If I had a simple and easy to use solution for their exact problem and packaged it in an attractive way, I’d be doing them a favor.

I hadn’t realized this until recently. I basically learned the same lesson signing up for ScrewU recently – I was put in The Engine, which is about building my automation, funnel and process. After that comes The Traffic, which is about bringing people into your funnel with paid advertising… which you can only do when you know exactly how well your platform is converting and how much $ you make per lead acquisition.

If this sounds overly technical, it is – but entrepreneurs use precise language so we don’t forget the bottom line. Most bloggers and maybe even most would-be entrepreneurs do it for love or passion or to help people, which is great, it’s fine to start out that way. But having a big platform and getting traffic could mean you build up a baseline of automated passive income, which means you’re free to help and support more people, but the way you choose to.


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