Writing tips, from Spain to Montenegro

Writing tips, from Spain to Montenegro

I’m going through some of my old content and found some videos from when I was living the dream, writing and travelling full time with my wife. I thought I’d share them here because, well they’re pretty packed with content.

I’m also trying a new thing, where I transcribe all the words from the video, get chatGPT to clean it up and summarize is, and so then I can post it as a SUPER long blog post. It’s a pretty neat way to get more mileage out of even my older content.

Also this stuff still works by the way, not much has changed… yet. But everything will change or is changing, very soon. But that just means, we need to add a few more things that work right now. That’s what my new course is for. But I hope you like these videos!

PS I’ll probably need to break up each video into one long blog post summary, but I’m going to post all of these now so I can find them and then work my way through. Also, a lot of these videos promote my Guerrilla Publishing program, which isn’t available right now. But I have a new, updated course that’s launching.

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