Writing contests for authors (free editing!)

Writing contests for authors (free editing!)

This is usually where I’d post a roundup of the best (FREE to enter) 2021 writing contests. But I’ve decided not to, because even though they’re great for traffic, there are several sites that have already put lists like that together – I’ll link to those at the end of this post.

So, why write anything at all? Because, I’ve decided most writing contests – including those “book awards” that charge fees and give out prizes, aren’t all that valuable for new writers. What they really need is hard, critical feedback and developmental editing, to help them make sure their book is amazing and ready to launch.

Maybe you’ve been searching for free editing or high quality expert feedback also, to gain confidence in your writing abilities, improve your craft quickly, and avoid amateur or weak writing mistakes? If so… check out this writing contest I just set up, in partnership with the Book Butchers.

Basically, submit your first 3 chapters and if it grabs our interest, we’ll help you improve it for free. Grand prize is a $3500 passive developmental edit, but several submissions will also win a free ($297 value) “first chapter critique”. No cost to enter.


Best writing contests

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