Write & Publish on a Budget (Free Book)

Write & Publish on a Budget (Free Book)

Self-publishing is a BILLION dollar industry but most of that money is flowing away from authors and into the hands of service provides, predatory author services and vanity presses. 

Amazon recently ran ads boasting “thousands of authors make over 50K a year publishing with us” – but there are 5 million books on their platform, which means 99% of those books aren’t making any money. The average author spends over $2K publishing and sells less than 100 copies.

I’ve spent nearly a decade trying to help authors spend less and profit more, so they can make a living with their writing. One of my earlier books has over 100 reviews on Amazon but I’ve decided to make it free.

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It’s a crash course on self-publishing and will introduce you to some of the tools and resources I’ve used to publish my own books (and become one of those 50K/year authors).