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I’ll tell you a secret. It’s very easy to launch a book well and hit #1 on Amazon (at least in your category). It’s not hard to be a bestseller. It is hard to stay a bestseller, long-term, and have your books earn passive income month after month.

That’s almost always the result of:

A) a strong author platform that brings in new traffic

B) a strong network of other authors in your genre or field

C) a legion of readers who love your book and share it.

I can help you develop all three. That doesn’t necessarily mean your book will be successful though, because:

  • Not all books were written for big audiences
  • Not all books are well designed and positioned
  • Most authors are writing books that nobody wants

If you’ve launched a book and seen sales plummet, there are many things we can do to improve things, and some things we can’t do. Over the past few years I’ve published hundreds of articles about cover design and book marketing; and I’ve spoken at many writing conferences and on a few self-publishing podcasts.

I’ve also written a few books myself.

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Book marketing and publishing books isn’t that hard, but most authors are doing it all wrong. It seems difficult and terrifying because there are so many new things you have to learn. I want to simplify all of that. So I’m creating a step-by-step program you can follow, to fix all the common, unprofessional mistakes the majority of indie authors continue to make, so you can give your book its greatest chance of success.

This is stuff that I used to charge clients thousands of dollars for, but I’m trying to finish my own books and don’t have time to work with authors one-on-one anymore.

You can get started by signing up on the sidebar to the right for some of the books I’ve published. Soon I’ll be building up a free video course and an email series that will teach you everything you need to learn about building an author platform and book marketing.

FREE EMAIL SERIES: How to write more books that become bestsellers

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