Why I shared a rap (despite being terrified of video).

I scouted out Tattoo parlors today, determined to get a tattoo and catch up in the Unconventional Race (a scavenger hunt activity) but ran out of time before the Portland Spirit Cruise. I was going to post a long, brilliant, witty and insightful post about taking big risks, always choosing to participate, and why getting a tattoo just to win 10 points in a scavenger hunt wasn’t a dumb idea.

I’m still considering just giving myself a little “WDS” somewhere with a pen, a pin and a little pain, but for now I wrote and recorded my “Prince of Bel Air” rap.

Video is one of those things I’ve known I should be doing – but I’m really uncomfortable on camera and avoid it whenever possible. But I practiced (from about midnight to 2am) until I could get through my whole rap at a reasonable pace (a little slow actually, but in time with the music).

But then I realized it had to be on Instagram, and Instagram only lets me use about 1/4th of the video, so I posted it to YouTube as well. It’s all confusing and I’m tired so I’m done. Tomorrow I get to lead my indie author meetup wearing a cape and top hat.

For people following this blog (or clients wondering what the hell I’ve been talking about recently and why I’m not getting any work done) I’m at a huge convention in Portland with 3000 unconventional people, and it’s the event of the year.

You’ve got one chance to meet people, make connections and grow your platform – then everybody goes about their lives for another year. I want to make the most of this experience, even if it means staying up late doing something I’m uncomfortable with.

I have a refined, polished, controlled personality (unless you meet me in person and get me talking, then I’m friendly and often excited about stuff I have a passion for). I’m inhibited and self-conscious. I know that about myself. I have other skills.

But nothing comes from doing nothing: action brings results or change, risk can lead to reward. Going to bed early doesn’t earn you any points in life. If you get a chance to bring attention to your platform and your business, even if it’s by doing something a little ridiculous… make it happen.

PS – my performance is calm and mellow, but my lyrics are dope. Somebody with more energy could modify this a bit, bust it out and make it AWESOME.


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  • saulofhearts Posted

    Congrats on putting yourself out there! I didn’t even try the unconventional race, and rapping is definitely not my thing. Let me know if you want any help making an intro video for your site before you leave town!

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