Why I shared a rap (despite being terrified of video).

I scouted out Tattoo parlors today, determined to get a tattoo and catch up in the Unconventional Race (a scavenger hunt activity) but ran out of time before the Portland Spirit Cruise. I was going to post a long, brilliant, witty and insightful post about taking big risks, always choosing to participate, and why getting a tattoo just to win 10 points in a scavenger hunt wasn’t a dumb idea.

I’m still considering just giving myself a little “WDS” somewhere with a pen, a pin and a little pain, but for now I wrote and recorded my “Prince of Bel Air” rap.

Video is one of those things I’ve known I should be doing – but I’m really uncomfortable on camera and avoid it whenever possible. But I practiced (from about midnight to 2am) until I could get through my whole rap at a reasonable pace (a little slow actually, but in time with the music).

But then I realized it had to be on Instagram, and Instagram only lets me use about 1/4th of the video, so I posted it to YouTube as well. It’s all confusing and I’m tired so I’m done. Tomorrow I get to lead my indie author meetup wearing a cape and top hat.

For people following this blog (or clients wondering what the hell I’ve been talking about recently and why I’m not getting any work done) I’m at a huge convention in Portland with 3000 unconventional people, and it’s the event of the year.

You’ve got one chance to meet people, make connections and grow your platform – then everybody goes about their lives for another year. I want to make the most of this experience, even if it means staying up late doing something I’m uncomfortable with.

I have a refined, polished, controlled personality (unless you meet me in person and get me talking, then I’m friendly and often excited about stuff I have a passion for). I’m inhibited and self-conscious. I know that about myself. I have other skills.

But nothing comes from doing nothing: action brings results or change, risk can lead to reward. Going to bed early doesn’t earn you any points in life. If you get a chance to bring attention to your platform and your business, even if it’s by doing something a little ridiculous… make it happen.

PS – my performance is calm and mellow, but my lyrics are dope. Somebody with more energy could modify this a bit, bust it out and make it AWESOME.


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