Why entrepreneurs are so obsessed with “productivity hacking”

Why entrepreneurs are so obsessed with “productivity hacking”

302439_220771327992573_1610779749_nCaffeine is my drug of choice. While I highly recommend substances like mushrooms, Ayahuasca and marijuana every once in a while, as a radical rediscovery of your life’s purpose, most days all I want is to get more done. I drink a lot of green tea. I’d love to take more Modafinil but it gives me tension headaches. I’m experimenting with Bulletproof Coffee (coffee with a lot of butter and MCT oil) but have yet to hit my stride.

When I try to talk with friends and family about all of this, they look at me like I’m insane. A junkie.

Experimenting with drugs!?

That can’t be healthy.

But entrepreneurial buddies of mine have done all this and more. And the truth is – productivity hackers are often far healthier than normal people.

They know better to eat junk food – most of them have a strict regimen of diet and exercise.

They keep themselves hydrated, take the right vitamins, make sure they have no deficiencies. They focus on muscle movement and total body care.

What’s the point?

Most people, “regular people,” find the best job they can, and they do the work.

No matter how hard they work, their paycheck stays the same. And they have to show up everyday, so having a slow day (like a Monday recuperation after a fun weekend, or a Friday slack0ff day) doesn’t really matter. There have been studies that most company employees don’t really get that much done or use their time effectively.

An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is making his own money.

At first it’s hard, but it gets easier.

Once the money is steady, he figures out he can be making more. He can always start new businesses, new services, new products, new books. And the sooner and faster he finishes, the bigger his income can grow. There’s no limit. It’s truly addicting.

I know I need to take it easy and enjoy my life more. I don’t want to be Owen Wilson in The Big Year, becoming the world’s greatest bird watcher but losing his family. I want a life that’s amazing and awesome. But I also want to be a big player with big influence, something most people will never get the chance to be. And it takes considerable work and time. And nobody else is going to do it for me.

I’ve pretty much lost interest in TV, even shows I like, because I know I could be doing something better with my time. I stopped playing video games a long time ago. Weekends aren’t the time for me to relax; in fact that’s usually when I push extra hard to catch up before Monday.

Entrepreneurial success comes from big ideas, but more specifically, from making them a reality through constant, day to day work. We build things (including relationships).

You can’t do anything with an idea; you’ve got to finish the work and have a product.

And so, using every day, every hour, to its maximum potential, and getting as much done as possible, is an all-consuming interest.

We want our bodies and brains to be super-charged.

We want to be the best versions of ourselves. We want to enjoy the day as much as possible and cover the most possible ground.

That’s what productivity hacking is all about.

What tricks do you use to get more done?

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