The exact book marketing strategy I used to build a huge author platform quickly with KingSumo, WordPress and Mailchimp

I’m finally catching up with work and had some time to update my fiction platform… so I decided to record all the behind-the-scenes stuff I’m doing to build my author platform quickly. I published my first fiction this year but have 15K email subscribers, thousands of social media followers and a decent amount of traffic to a brand new blog – mostly by using book giveaways. Other people have been doing these, but nobody has been doing them really well.

In these three videos I basically share everything I do and all the tools I’m using. It took about an hour to set this giveaway up and cost around $250. But that’ll let me reach tens of thousands of genre-specific readers, which I can then try and charm into real fans (building up the relationship once they are on your list is a different story; and there is no guarantee that the people who sign up to your list will like your books.)

PART ONE: KingSumo and Facebook


PART TWO: KingSumo and Twitter


PART THREE: Advanced blogging and keyword tips

In a few days I’m going to be sharing my first course about all this stuff, so you might want to sign up to my list or follow me if you want to learn how to sell more books.

I also use “Gleam”  for giveaways a lot, better for getting people to take specific action, but Kingsumo is better for rapid list-building.


I’ve gotten really good at building big lists quickly, but recently rewrote all my autoresponders to boost engagement. Getting people on your list is only half the battle – you still need to warm them up and get them to know, like and trust you. The better you can achieve this, the easier it will be to ask them to support your projects.

I recently finished a course about all this stuff, which includes a giveaway software you can use and includes scripts for your autoresponder series. Join today and save 31%!

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