The rise of “sweary” adult coloring books that help people

Today I got to chat with Sasha O’hara, author of the “irreverant” adult coloring books “Calm the F*ck Down” (which is #23 in the entire Amazon store) and sequel “Chill the F*ck Out.” Basically, these are books that take the stress-relieving craze of adult coloring books and make them fun by adding swear words and vulgar phrases.

Of course specifically I wanted to know how she managed to get her book so successful – but it’s one of those things; she saw a new market, thought it would be fun to try it out, and published. Most of the success happened with no marketing because it’s a very precise, small niche with a raving fanbase. The opportunity was there but nobody was really crushing it until Sasha came along and made these awesome books.

I’m really excited to be making my own adult coloring books, not only because they’re a lot of fun but also because they’re so much faster to produce and publish than a novel; and incredibly, they may be making a more positive and powerful impact.

Many people might think these are just silly books, but Sasha has gotten hundreds of reviews from people who are really using the books to improve their lives, reduce stress and sometimes even counter PTSD or serious psychological issues. Amazing.

Watch the interview below to learn more.



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