The People’s Ebook: Finally a way to make quick, simple and free ebooks?

The People’s Ebook: Finally a way to make quick, simple and free ebooks?

people-ebookAfter I started doing book cover designs, I knew I needed to learn to make ebooks. All of my author clients needed to have their books formatted for Kindle, iBooks and all the other ebook stores. The problem is that making ebooks is a huge pain in the ass. You have to know a lot of code (html and some other stuff), you need a different format for different ereading devices, and even when you get everything right, it probably still won’t look good everywhere. If you’re not picky, Amazon and Lulu and EbookBaby and some other sites can take your word documents and make a passable ebook… but if you want to get in there and make changes or add style, well, you can’t.

So I bought some courses and tutorials and trainings, and I got pretty good with Sigil and some other software, and now I can make ebooks. But it’s still a huge time drain and it’s mind-numbing, repetitive work.

I’ve tried a few websites that offer ways to make ebooks but they were confusing, so I gave up.

But today I saw the Kickstarter Project for “The People’s Ebook”.

Greg Albers, the founder and publisher of Hol Art Books is teaming up with Eleanor Hanson and Oliver Wise o farts-based think tank and creative studio The Present Group to make a new kind of online ebook making experience:

“See your book as you create it — The People’s E-Book features a unique visual editor and intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) and drag-and-drop controls.”

If it works, it mean more authors can get their ebooks made quickly for free without having to pay other people to do it for them, which I think is awesome.

Click below to learn more about the project, I’m backing it, you can too if you want.

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  • David Odum Posted

    Check the typo: “Oliver Wise o farts-based think tank”. Took me a moment to figure that one out and be sure you weren’t taking a jab at Oliver. 😀

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