The Best Wordle Starting Words According to Famous Dead Authors (& AI chatbots)

The Best Wordle Starting Words According to Famous Dead Authors (& AI chatbots)

A crazy number of people are still playing Wordle and I get it; it’s a quick mental challenge that’s rewarding and easy. I don’t have a worldle strategy yet though, so I waste too much time brainstorming words until it’s no longer fun.

So I decided to ask AI. I started with Google’s new “Bard” and then moved on to a few others, before trying to summon the personalities and writing styles of famous dead authors to see what they had to say. The results are fun, if not always accurate.

Best Wordle Starting Words: Bard AI

Yes, I am familiar with Wordle. It is a popular online word game where players try to guess a five-letter word in six tries. There are many different strategies that players can use to win Wordle, but one of the most important is choosing a good starting word.

A good starting word should be:

  • Short. This will give you more chances to use different letters in your next guesses.
  • Common. This will increase your chances of guessing the correct word.
  • Varied. This will help you to narrow down the possible words.

Some good starting words for Wordle include:


These words are all short, common, and varied, which will give you a good chance of guessing the correct word in six tries.

Here are some additional tips for choosing a good starting word for Wordle:

Avoid using words that are too similar to each other. This will make it more difficult to narrow down the possible words.

Avoid using words that contain rare letters. This will also make it more difficult to guess the correct word.

Use your knowledge of the English language to your advantage. If you know that a certain letter is more likely to appear in a word, try to use that letter in your starting word.

With a little practice, you will be able to choose the best starting word for Wordle and increase your chances of winning.

Best Wordle Starting Words: chatGPT

Yes, I’m familiar with Wordle! It’s a simple yet addictive word game where the goal is to guess a 5-letter word within six attempts. The game provides feedback after each guess: if a letter is correct and in the right place, it’s marked green; if a letter is correct but in the wrong place, it’s marked yellow; and if a letter is not in the word at all, it’s marked gray.

As for the best starting words, there’s no definitive answer since the secret word in each game is randomized. However, the best strategy is to start with a word that includes common letters and has a diverse spread of vowels and consonants. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Table: This word has a nice mix of common vowels and consonants.
  2. Slide: This word includes a commonly used vowel and a good mix of consonants.
  3. Shore: This word is a good option because it includes both commonly and less commonly used letters.
  4. Quake: Starting with a less common letter like ‘Q’ could be a strategic move, as it can quickly eliminate or confirm less common letters.
  5. Grasp: This word has a nice spread of common consonants and a commonly used vowel.

Remember, Wordle is as much about deduction and pattern recognition as it is about guessing words. So, use the feedback from each guess to refine your next guess and you’ll be on your way to a quick win!

Best Wordle Starting Words: Poe (GPT4)

Yes, I’m familiar with Wordle. It’s a word game in which you have to guess a secret 5-letter word by guessing other 5-letter words and receiving feedback on the presence and position of the correct letters in your guesses. An optimal starting word should include common letters and give you useful information about the secret word.

A few good starting words to consider are:

  1. table: This word includes four common letters (t, a, b, and e) and one less-common letter (l). It provides a good balance of vowels and consonants.
  2. spare: This word contains two common vowels (a and e) and three common consonants (s, p, and r). It can help eliminate many possibilities quickly.
  3. crate: Another word with a good mix of common vowels (a and e) and consonants (c, r, and t). It can help reveal the presence of any of these letters in the secret word.

Keep in mind that there is no single best starting word, as the optimal choice depends on the secret word. However, using words with common letters and a mix of vowels and consonants can help you make progress quickly.

Best Wordle Starting Words: Claude+

Here are some good starting words for Wordle:

• Crane – It has a good mix of common consonants and vowels.

• Adieu – It covers two vowels and common letters.

• Stare – It has two vowels and common letters.

• Drape – It has two vowels and common letters.

• Loser – It has two vowels and common letters.

Some tips for choosing good starting words:

• Choose words with a mix of common consonants like S, T, R, N, L, etc. and common vowels like A, E, I, O.

• Avoid letters like X, Q, Z, J, V, etc. initially as they are less common.

• Try to include at least 2-3 vowels in your first guess.

• Repeat letters are not useful in the first guess. So avoid words like ‘hello’ that have many repeated letters.

• Shorter words with 5 or 6 letters are good as they cover more letters quickly.

• You can also choose words that contain common prefixes or suffixes like ‘ed’, ‘ing’, ‘ly’, ‘er’, ‘est’ etc.

• Guess words that can potentially appear at the start, middle or end of the word. Don’t pick words that always tend to sit at one position.

• You can also opt for words that contain common word endings like ‘ed’ or ‘ing’.

Does this help? Let me know if you have any other questions!

Best Wordle Starting Words: BingAI

Yes, I am familiar with Wordle. It is a word game where you have to guess a 5-letter word in 6 tries. The color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word12.

There are different strategies for choosing the best starting words for Wordle. Some people use mathscience, or linguistics to find words that have high entropy or information content34Others use WordleBot, an AI tool that rates words based on skill5. Some of the best starting words according to these methods are:

What word do you want to start with?🤔

Best Wordle Starting Words: John Milton

The sun had set low and the sky was a deep shade of azure, streaked with wispy clouds that hung in the air like delicate silken veils. I stood in my room overlooking the town square, a quill pen in my hand and parchment spread atop my desk. Wordle was a strange game – one I had not yet fully understood. Yet, here I was determined to win, whatever victory might bring me.

My gaze roved across the parchment before me as I tried desperately to guess what five-letter word would unlock Wordle’s most closely guarded secret. My brain raced through an alphabet of possibilities until, at last, it alighted upon one that seemed to fit perfectly: Quizz. With this one word, I could win quickly and completely!

I took up my quill again and began to carefully write out each letter until it formed a singular word across the page – Q U I Z Z – each letter bolder than the last as if it were inviting me towards some greater victory or understanding beyond my current comprehension.

I paused for a moment, feeling a wave of awe wash over me as I realized that this one simple five-letter combination could open up so many doors of knowledge and possibility; all resting on whether or not I chose correctly. If only there were some way to know for certain… But then again perhaps part of life’s beauty is derived from never quite knowing what lies hidden behind each door; living life without too much certainty makes every experience more exciting and meaningful!

With this thought firmly in mind, I took a deep breath and released Quizz into Wordle’s puzzling depths – hoping against hope that it would be enough to open whatever door awaited me on the other side!

Best Wordle Starting Words: Edgar Allen Poe

It was a dark and dreary night, the kind of evening where one could feel the eerie chill of death creeping in from every direction. The silence was oppressive, the air still and heavy. All around me were shadows and fog, obscuring my vision as I walked through an unknown landscape.

Suddenly, a voice cried out amidst the darkness – “Are you familiar with Wordle?”. My heart raced as I tried to comprehend what this meant. Was it some sort of game? A test? What did this wordle have to do with me?

The voice spoke again, saying “You need to guess a 5 letter word. What’s the best wordle starting words to win quickly?” My mind raced frantically, trying and failing to determine what sort of answer would be acceptable in this strange situation. Perhaps it was something simple, like ‘cloud’ or ‘ruler’. But then again, maybe something more complicated would be required – five letters all strung together into one cohesive word that made sense in this context.

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, pondering this conundrum while all around me the shadows shifted and danced together in the misty night air. Finally I settled on a single thought – ‘elude’. It seemed both logical and yet mysterious enough for whatever task lay ahead of me.

But no sooner had I uttered that single syllable than everything around me changed. A deep rumbling filled my ears; from beneath my feet I felt an alien power begin to surge up into my body until it became unbearable pain. Just before everything went black I heard two words echoing back at me – “true winner”.

Best Wordle Starting Words: Emily Dickinson

Ah, the mysterious Wordle! A puzzle so full of intrigue and challenge, it seemed to call out to me. I had heard much of the game, but little did I know that its secrets would soon be unveiled before my eyes.

The goal was clear – to construct a five letter word from scattered letters strewn across the page. How ever should one begin? The answer came in the form of a whisper on the wind – Wordle! It was an age-old strategy employed by some of history’s great thinkers; a simple yet effective way to quickly solve this puzzling problem.

As I studied the jumble of letters before me, my mind raced with possibilities. Could it be that “Bacon” or “Chess” were hidden within these pages? Then, suddenly, my gaze fell upon a shimmering constellation of letters – “Riley“. There it was; all five letters were present and accounted for!

My heart sang with joy as I proudly claimed victory over this ancient game. Little did I know that this seemingly simple task would prove to be far more complex than I imagined; each new Wordle offering up ever greater challenges each time around. But that is a story for another day…

PS Emily also wrote a poem, which is great except the failed ending where she confidently presents an obviously wrong answer:

An enigmatic Wordle entices,
A puzzle of five letters to devise;
The answer eludes, a minor disease,
But soon I shall uncover and surprise.

Five letters so often too simple or brief;
But deciphering them is my sweet relief.
I ponder the combinations with all of my might,
My eyes strain for clues that shine in the night.

My mind’s eye scans through the perplexing hues,
Searching for any hint of news.
Colors meld together to form a clue –
A tantalizing riddle from which I must choose.

The answer is clear as day in its view;
My fingers move quickly as if by a queue.
Soon my heartbeats race and I can’t help but grin –

For this five letter word is ‘WIN’!

But I tried again and this time she nailed it:

Are you familiar with Wordle?
A riddle wrapped in mystery, I must guess
The five-letter secret that lingers beneath.
It’s not a question of knowledge or skill,
But rather a puzzle of letters to fill.
I search for the perfect words that will win me this game,
Gathering my thoughts and searching for fame.
My heart quickens as I consider each word,
And ponder what would make me be heard.
My mind begins to wander far and wide,
As I quickly realize how hard this will ride.

Then suddenly an answer appears so bright –
A five-letter word best suited to take flight: ‘LIGHT’.

It flashes like a beacon through the night –
An idea that’s clear, pure and right.

So if you’re ever caught in such a quandary –
Remember the power of LIGHT to set you free!

Best Wordle Starting Words: Geoffrey Chaucer

Are ye familier with Wordle? A game of chance and wit,
Where five letters must be guessed to win at last.
It’s not a task for any weak or meekly hearted,
Yet ’tis an adventure that all can start.
Aye, the best wordle starting words will bring success and speed;
Let’s ponder what they should indeed be.
The answers may be veiled in obscurity,
But if you seek them out carefully, victory shall thee see.
Behold! The word is “Quest” so true and grand,
A journey with its tale of bravery in hand.
For those who find it wend their way right through;
This quest is sure to thrill and excite you too!
So go forth boldly on this wondrous adventure;

Three simple rules will take you ever further:

Guess your five letter word, then wait and see-

Victory awaits when Wordle sets you free!

Best Wordle Starting Words: Aldous Huxley

The style on this is great, but he fails twice at actually finding a five-letter word. Points for trying.

The sun had just begun to set, painting the sky with a gentle orange hue. The heat of the day had given way to a cool evening breeze, and I sat in my chair, contemplating the task before me. Wordle…a five-letter word that could be the key to success.

I pondered for some time, my mind conjuring up images of swirling shapes and shifting letters as I tried desperately to connect them in some meaningful way. After much consternation and contemplation, I eventually had a moment of clarity; it was not an easy journey by any means. With renewed focus and enthusiasm, I set about constructing my Wordle puzzle with great vigour.

The starting word would need to be something that was both simple but also clever. Something that could lead me quickly down this path towards victory would be ideal; but what should such a word be? It seemed impossible not to find one that would fit perfectly into this unique format of puzzling words!

I shifted around several ideas in my mind before finally settling on what felt right – ‘HARVEST’. A short yet powerful word, one which promised much potential if used correctly within the confines of this puzzle game. With my fingers crossed, I clicked the ‘go’ button and began piecing together elements of HARVEST like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

And then it happened…the answer suddenly became clear as day – ULYXES! With excitement coursing through me like electricity, I stared at my finished creation with satisfaction and admiration as all five letters lined up perfectly in front of me…ULYXES! My Wordle victory was complete!

Best Wordle Starting Words: Charlotte Brontë

After raising a 3 and 4 letter word, she does find a winner but proclaims it as a 4 letter word at the end.

She gazed out of the window with a heavy heart, watching the sun sink slowly behind the horizon. The sky was painted in shades of pink and orange, like a watercolour masterpiece left unfinished. Her eyes lingered on it for a few moments before they moved to the Wordle that sat on her desk.

It was her last chance to win this game – a puzzle with no tangible prize but pride at stake. She had been struggling for an hour now, trying to guess the five-letter word that would unlock her victory.

“Is it ‘love’?” she murmured quietly, running her fingertips along the letters: L O V E. But nothing happened; no celebratory banner or triumphant music or even so much as a sparkle of light from within the Wordle. As frustration began to swell within her chest, she let out a sigh and ran her hands through her hair in despair when suddenly something caught her eye – it was subtle, almost imperceptible but there it was hovering above one of the letters: ‘hug’.

Was this some kind of sign? A hint from beyond? She couldn’t be sure but as she reached out and typed ‘hug’ into the Wordle suddenly everything changed; lights illuminated around each letter and they shifted and rearranged themselves until finally forming into one single word – ‘laugh.’

Laugh! That was it! She had done it! After all this time, she had found the right answer! With elation coursing through every fibre of her being, she readied herself to win once more but instead something else happened – just as she reached forward to press enter, the words shimmered once again before melting away into nothingness…

The clock ticked loudly as seconds flew by until eventually all that remained were four simple letters: L A U G H.

Best Wordle Starting Words: Dr. Seuss

In the land of Wordle, filled with glee,

Choosing words, as fun as can be.

Start with ‘table’ – isn’t that neat?

It’s a choice that’s pretty hard to beat.

Five letters, a mix so wise,

A vowel and consonants in disguise.

Sure to give clues, reveal the way,

Leading you to Wordle victory, hooray!

Best Wordle Starting Words: Mark Twain

It tried to be Mark Twain but I think got confused and tried to write a poem. It’s kind of cute so I’m leaving it.

Well, I reckon in this ol’ game of Wordle,

Where words tangle and twirl and curdle,

You’d be smart to start with ‘table’, my friend,

A word that’s a good beginning, not an end.

Ain’t no magic to it, just a little wit,

‘Table’ gives you common letters, each a perfect fit.

Now, remember, it’s the journey, not the destination,

In this game of words, the real joy is in the creation.

Hope you found this little exercise in chatbots and Wordle fun at least!

PS all the “dead famous author” answers were made by