The $500 book launch roadmap that will help you sell your first 5000 copies

I’m finally getting ready to start building the 21 Day Author Platform, a step-by-step process of building a profitable author platform in just three weeks. So I put together this roadmap/infographic that outlines the whole process.

I might be making a “prepublishing checklist” or something like that too – but a lot of people have been asking me for a step-by-step guide to launching a book, what goes first, what’s next, what should I actually do? There are a lot of moving parts and timing is important. This organization makes some sense, but actually I could have cut it down even more.

The 21 Day Author Platform is about making a long-term, stable author platform that generates new leads automatically. It’s for a career author who wants to make a living with their writing. I’m also building something new called Guerrilla Publishing; it’s for people who want to write, publish and launch books even faster, by cutting out 95% of the work and focusing on the bare essentials.

If you want to preorder both of these courses for less than half off (and get a bunch of extra bonuses), next week I’ll be launching Reach Your Readers – my first book marketing course (kind of a test/practice course, but there’s still tons of valuable information, and you get the upcoming courses for less than half the price I’ll actually charge when they launch). That offer will be exclusively for my email list, so sign up if you haven’t yet.



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  • Jason Clearwater Posted

    There are errors in your info graphic. #1 Author Bio “…That inspires people love and support you.” Missing the “to.”

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