51 books on book marketing that will grow your author platform 800%

book marketing

Below are some of the books I read in 2014 and found useful.

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Does book marketing work?

The funny thing about book marketing is that nobody really knows how to do it.

95% of a book’s success is about the product: first of all the finished content (novel or non-fiction book).

But equally important will be the book cover and formatting – at least to get over that initial hurdle or connecting with fans. If your design isn’t good enough, it will make things much harder in the beginning, but won’t matter so much later.

Whereas, if your design is great it will help in the beginning, but the content will have to be great too to maintain sales.

If they’re both good, you largely won’t need any “book marketing.”

That said, things are much easier, if you plan to be a career author, if you build a platform.

But that’s not something specific to publishing.

In fact most authors – even successful authors – are pretty crappy about building an online business, growing a platform and creating an army of engaged fans. So “Book Marketing” books aren’t really the ones you want to be reading, because they are written by authors, where “Success” might mean a few hundred bucks in book sales a month. You want to be reading books about marketing in general. You want to be doing the things that big companies are doing – marketing hacks that engage fans. Authors and publishing are about 10 years behind the times.

Anyway, there’s a lot to learn

But remember, knowledge on its own isn’t that powerful if you don’t know how to implement, or if your website or book cover design is frustrating your efforts. I’m all for DIY, and it’s possible to market your book for free, but it may not be the best use of your time and resources.

If you’re looking for help, we’ll soon be offering content creation and social media management for authors at www.marketingforwriters.com

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