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I’m starting this page to thank supporters who have bought courses from me: I’m linking to their websites so they get some “link juice” to boost SEO and also so I can keep track of their author platforms and provide feedback to help them sell more books.

Watson Davis has a variety of books in several genres, which fight under the banner of “Science Fiction, Swords, Sorcery, and Sail Punk.”


Wanna know what he’s worked on?

The Archbishop’s Amulet. Caldane is a young Onei shaman who was enslaved when his clan got destroyed. He wants to return to his homeland and find a new clan – but then he learns his mother’s fate. Aissal is a blue-skinned coulven girl who arrived in the world wanting to find the evil that’s spreading, but finds herself captured and alone. Rucker is a southlander boy from Timyiskil. This is their story – a story intertwined with the lives of many.


Keywords: Science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, sorcery, sail punk.

Melle Amade is launching her first YA paranormal Shifter series.


Wanna know what she’s worked on?

Sanctuary is about a teenager called Shae, whose consumed by a rage that’s repelling her friends and drawing her closer to the wrong boy. But when her world unravels, she finds that the supernatural world underneath her hometown, and the feuds that threaten to destroy her friends and family loom larger, will force her to give in to her own fury.



Douglas Clegg is an NYT bestselling author with a beautiful website and covers – his book The Halloween Man is a #1 bestselling occult thriller.


Wanna know what he’s worked on?

The town of Stonehaven, Connecticut, holds a chilling mystery, and in its woods hides the remains of a shining creature trapped in a summer mansion. 




R. Q. Bell has written a retelling of Jane Eyre called Edward Rochester: The Master of Thornfield Hall.


Wanna know what she’s worked on?

Edward Rochester: The Master of Thornfield Hall. When Jane Eyre saves Edward Rochester’s life, he finally accepts the feelings he has for Jane – feelings that he has been resisting. And Jane is like no other woman he’s ever met. A woman of contrasts but who listens without judgment, she shows empathy, and resonates with longing. Now Edward must face a decision he has to make: whether he will let himself be tied to a woman he’s been married to, but be consumed by longing for another, or whether he will defy society to get what he wants.


Nadine Travers writes Paranormal and Time Travel romance. Check out her paranormal romance book, Unbind.


Wanna know what she’s worked on?

Unbind is about Azura, a student of witchcraft who on day finds her roommate murdered, with the Supernatural Intelligence Agency called in to investigate the case. She meets Rook, the lead investigature who draws in Azura. But he’s a werewolf, and she’s human, and making a relationship work will be very difficult.


Christian Jorda manages Senserial publishing, an innovative publisher that serializes content.


Wanna know what he’s worked on? Check out some of his articles on the Senserial Publishing website, How To Write Your Novel With A Full-Time Job,” and Serialized Fiction: History, Significance, Benefits.





Fantasy author Jacque Stevens published The Stone Bearers in 2016, a story with a djinni, a demon and magic.


Wanna know what she’s worked on?

The Stone Bearers is about fifteen-year-old Ashira, who has expected all her life to receive a wonderful coming-of-age prophecy, but who instead is told by her diviner that she will not live a remarkable life. But Ashira is ready to take on her own fate, and when she finds a djinn’s bottle, she starts making wishes. The djinn proves to be uncooperative, and so Ashira sets out for the great city of magicians to learn magic on her own. Little does she know that there is another prophecy being whispered – a demon is on the rise among the great magicians, and the djinni might be Ashira’s only chance to help fight this prophecy.


Katherine Hayton writes thrillers and action books with the tagline “Crime. Murder. Death. My pleasure.” Check out her books, Found Near Water and The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton.

Wanna know what she’s worked on? Found Near Water is about Rena Sutherland, who wakes up from a coma to discover that her daughter is missing for four days, and that no one has noticed, complained, or started searching. She finds help in Christine Emmett, a victim support officer with her own problems, who tries to guide Rena through the ordeal. An ordeal made difficult by an ex-husband, a paedophile on early release, and a psychic who knows too much.


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