Super easy book marketing that actually earns money

contentmarketing for authors

I want to give a shout out to a couple examples of great content marketing for authors I’ve seen recently.

Check this out by YA author Jenetta Penner: Best YA books based on fairy tales. It’s just a list of bestselling books in her genre; and comes with a great image (probably made on which makes it more appealing. The image will encourage shares on Twitter and Facebook; and can also be pinned to Pinterest.


This is great and easy book marketing, to attract your target readers, and because she’s using Amazon affiliate links, this post could actually earn money.


Here’s another example by Guido Henkel:

The 25 Best Gothic Horror Books

The only thing I’d add, would be punching up the title a bit. Like “Best YA books based on Fairy Tales that you totally should have read already (you won’t believe # 6!)” or “The 25 Best Gothic Horror Books that will Curl Your Toes and Haunt your Dreams.”

Titles are important, and most people will share and like your post based on the headline (without even reading it!) so go big!

If you make a post like this on your own blog, which you should – link to it in the comments so we can check it out!

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