Successful Author Virtual Vision Board and Affirmations

Successful Author Virtual Vision Board and Affirmations

I’m pretty good at setting big goals, but tonight I decided I better make a nice “Vision Board.” Basically, it’s a collage of the things you want out of life.

The idea is you look at it everyday and “align” yourself with your goals, until they start coming true.

Wanting to become a successful author or artist involves a whole bunch of tedious, long-large action.

Writing the book, then selling, then promoting – these are not quick goals like “get a new job.”

This is empire-building stuff. You need fortitude. You need backbone and persistence.

Daily affirmations, having clear pictures in your mind of what you want, mapping out the benefits you plan to reap on the path you’ve chosen, can all help your dreams become reality.

As I was looking through YouTube, I found this quite nice video for authors.

One of the reasons I like it is that it has some very nice affirmations, but also focuses on benefits – like world travel, enhanced personal relationship, more joy and happiness, and remembering what’s important.

Not all of it will suit you, and it seems to work mostly for non-fiction. You could either watch it, or make your own like it.

It’s an easy and practical way to build up your confidence.


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