Some awesome quotes for authors (that will make people like you more).

You need to share interesting, valuable content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites.

Pictures get liked, shared and retweeted more than any other content.

But where can you find awesome pictures that are relevant to authors that you can share to gain more followers?

Right here!

I’m going through my book, Write, Format, Publish, Promote and using Snagit to take image shots of the best quotes (the book is full of them). I’m doing it so I can post them all to Pinterest, which frankly, is brilliant book marketing, but I’ve been lazy to do so until now.

But if you click on any of the pictures, you’ll get a bunch of sharing options, and sharing these picture-quotes with your followers is virtually guaranteed to get retweeted, repinned, liked and favorited more than your usual posts, which will get you in front of new people, who will become your followers. Cool, huh?

Since a lot of these quotes are from other people, you don’t even need to link to my site or attribute these photos to me. Just share.


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