Short Story Contest

I’d like to help you grow your author platform and find more fans.

So on the first Saturday of every month I’m going to post a short story challenge: I’ll pick a genre or theme, and maybe some parameters. If you’d like to participate, post your own short story on your own blog and send me a link. Stories should be somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 words (just a recommendation, not a rule).

On the last Saturday of each month, I’ll post a “roundup” article linking to all of your sites so that you get more traffic (and increase your Google search rankings). If there are enough submissions, I’ll also choose 5 or 10 of the best to publish together in an ebook.

Why participate?

Writing lots of short stories is a great way to improve your writing while growing your platform. It’s easier than trying to write a full-length book. It gives you content to connect with fans who may seek out your other books or writings. You don’t have to struggle so hard with a big plot or a perfect ending, just have fun and make it entertaining.

It’s more fun to write a story that is a part of something; it’s also easier to market a collection of short stories rather than just one. The ebooks will be professionally designed and marketed to connect with readers, which makes it a good way to be “discovered” by new fans.

It’s good practice to write outside your main genre, you may discover writing strengths you didn’t know you were capable of.

So check back on the first Saturday each month, or view the “Short Story Saturdays” category.



  • Tony Jones Posted

    I just wondered – when will this start up?

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