Sell your next painting for thousands of dollars, guaranteed

Need some help marketing your art? Here are some fab marketing tricks that’ll have buyers drooling over your artwork. Let’s get those masterpieces flying off the easels and digital screens! 🎨✨

1. Go Virtual with Augmented Reality (AR)

Darlings, imagine this: A potential buyer points their phone at an empty wall and poof! – your painting appears, allowing them to visualize how it fits in their space. Apps like WallApp are making it happen. It’s like Pokémon GO, but for art!

2. Paint Live on Social Media

I once watched a painter craft a magnificent moonlit landscape on Facebook Live. It was mesmerizing. By the time it was finished, the bids were rolling in. Think of it as a digital version of street painting where you attract an audience, but with the comfort of sipping your latte indoors.

3. Host a Digital Art Auction

Platforms like Paddle8 allow artists to auction pieces to a global audience. Just remember to tease the event on social media a few weeks in advance. And maybe throw in a live Q&A during the auction, because who doesn’t love a lil’ drama?

4. Collaborate with Digital Celebs

Got a favorite YouTuber or Instagrammer? Team up for a collab. I’ve seen artists create custom pieces for influencers, which then get flaunted to millions. It’s a win-win: they get unique content; you get massive exposure.

5. Offer Limited Edition Prints

Original too pricey? Offer limited edition prints at a fraction of the cost. It’s like when I snag the budget version of a Gucci bag. Still fabulous, just more wallet-friendly.

6. Paint in Series

Create a series around a theme, and market them as collectibles. I recall an artist who painted quirky interpretations of each zodiac sign. The catch? Only 12 of each were available. Last I heard, fans were scrambling to collect their sign.

7. Interactive Art

Bring viewers into the creation process. Post half-finished works online and let fans suggest what comes next. It’s engagement galore, and the buzz will make your piece a must-have.

8. Pop-Up Galleries in Quirky Places

Ever been to an art show in a deserted subway station? Or a treehouse? Pop-up galleries in unexpected places create buzz and offer a unique experience.

9. Personalized Art Experience

Offer to customize a part of your artwork. Maybe the buyer wants their name hidden in the tree bark or their birthdate on a vintage car’s license plate. Personal touches? They make sales.

10. Turn Your Art into Wearables

Team up with local artisans to turn fragments of your art into jewelry, scarves, or even shoes. Not only does it serve as mobile advertising, but it also gives fans a way to wear their love for your work.

11. Loyalty Programs for Art? Heck, Yes!

Think Starbucks, but for art. Every purchase earns points, which can be redeemed for prints, custom doodles, or even a coffee date with the artist. (Virtual coffee dates for your international patrons!)

12. Subscription Boxes with a Twist

Consider monthly art subscription boxes. Patrons get mini-prints, sketches, or even an art tool you love. It’s a monthly dose of delight and a steady income for you.

13. Offer Virtual Art Classes

Share your genius. Host webinars or workshops sharing your techniques. As attendees paint along, many will fall in love with your style and become potential buyers.

Now, fellow artists, armed with these strategies, it’s time to send your artwork into the world, leaving patrons and wallets in awe. Remember, every canvas you paint isn’t just art—it’s an experience waiting to be sold! 💋🎨🚀

Marketing Art on Social Media

Let’s sprinkle in some social media stardust and spotlight some of the biggest artists making waves on Instagram and TikTok. These talents are a must-follow for anyone looking to ride the digital art wave!

Instagram Artists to Stalk (In a Good Way, of course!)

  1. James Jean: A mix of ethereal, surreal, and simply stunning, James’ art is a visual delight.
  2. Loish: This digital artist serves fresh, vibrant portraits with a touch of whimsy.
  3. Heikala: Watercolor wonders that make you want to dive right into the serene landscapes and dreamy scenarios she depicts.
  4. Cyrus Kabiru: An artist and self-taught engineer who crafts unique, avant-garde eyewear out of found materials.
  5. Alyssa Mees: Dive deep into Alyssa’s universe, where every piece tells a surreal story.

TikTok Artists Dancing Their Way to Your Heart

  1. D’art Demille: Creating realistic portraitures and taking you along the journey of each stroke.
  2. Devon Rodriguez: NYC-based artist capturing subway passengers in an incredibly lifelike manner. His “reveal” videos to the unknowing subjects have gone viral!
  3. Eva Cremers: This 3D artist creates fun, quirky, and colorful animations that pop.
  4. Charly Clements: If cheerful, cute, and quirky is your jam, Charly’s your gal.
  5. Tatiana Kartomten: Serving some gothic vibes, her art (and makeup) is a celebration of the dark and ethereal.

Following these artists isn’t just about tapping into trends, honey. It’s about understanding how they engage with their community, showcase their personality, and translate their artistry into social media content. Go ahead and let their strategies inspire your next big Instagram or TikTok masterpiece! 📱🎨🌟💃🕺

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