Rent Me

I’ve been giving out free advice to authors, artists and entrepreneurs for several years. During that time I’ve been building businesses, starting websites, raising my prices, publishing books and growing my platform. Although I’m pretty good at nearly all aspects of building a creative business, I’ve recently discovered the area where I really excel.

I often tell people things like “Get started – it’s so easy! You just pick a name, buy a domain, pick a WordPress theme and start writing!”

If I’m with them, I can take out a notepad, consolidate their idea and brainstorm it into a powerful brand name and the perfect tagline. I can isolate the ideal focus (which is a blend of their core passion and the subject that others value enough to make it profitable). In minutes I can build a masterful one year business plan for quick growth, dream up innovative ways to market and promote, offer book titles or products or events that will sell well and explode your platform. I can jot down 10 powerful headlines that will drive viral traffic.

I can do all these things because I’m a creative genius, because I have a ton of experience in this area, because I’ve gone through this process hundreds of times already, and because I truly love it. It’s my favorite thing to do in the world.

It’s gotten really easy for me, which is why I’ve assumed anybody could do it.

But I’ve realized recently that very few people can.

Everybody will tell you to choose a powerful brand name, target the precise subject that makes you unique and memorable, tell your personal story in an epic way… but they couldn’t actually help you to do it, and on your own you may flounder or procrastinate for a year and still have trouble concentrating your skills or values into a profitable lifestyle business.

I’ve resisted selling anything on Creativindie for a long time, and I plan to continue to make a lot of free stuff for you.

And if you email me with questions or seeking advice, I’ll probably help you anyway for free.

But if you want my full attention, and you want a bunch of my time (which I don’t like to share, because I’m working on huge projects of my own) then you’ll have to pay for it.


Creative Independence Consult: $500 (no longer available)

$500 will get you a CIC – a Creative Independence Consult. I’ll take a look at everything you’re doing, all the projects you’ve made, all the products you’re selling and tell you how to improve them. If I can do an easy design overhaul I will. I’ll give you a specific, multi-layered business plan for growth, with a bunch of action steps, and help you achieve them.

We can chat on Skype, for best results we will probably do a 30 minute session, followed by a week of work, a 15 minute checkin, another week of work, and a final 15 chat. On top of this 1 hour of face-time, I’ll also spend up to 4 hours brainstorming for you, researching opportunities, possibly creating guest posts to promote you (or telling you how/where you should do them), building viral content if applicable, or setting up your website or platform better.

Keep in mind you’re mostly renting me for my breathtaking creative superiority: I can solve problems and generate brands and play with words and envision a successful future for you better than anyone else in the world.

I won’t be making your a book cover (I may do a quick reboot that will significantly boost sales, but I won’t give you as much control as I allow my real clients). I won’t build you a website (I charge at least $1000 for that) although I can help you get started and set it up. But I will help you focus, clarify, and get started.

I’m putting this offer up because I know how valuable it is and how many people need it, but I’ll also be writing a few guides and ebooks soon that will walk you through the process (you’ll get a basic version if you sign up to my list).

I prefer writing everything down once so that you can do things yourself and I can keep happily working on my exciting projects, and I may decide I’d rather continue doing this for free, and only with my friends, than charge for it.

So read some of my content, books and guides before you decide anything. This would just be a last option if you’re really stuck getting started and can’t seem to focus on building a creative, income-generating business that turns your life into a thrilling adventure.


Still want to work with me?

I’ve stopped working with clients one-on-one so I can help more people, while reserving more time for my own projects. INSTEAD, I’ll be building online courses that include several months of personal feedback, advice and help. For example, if you join my Guerrilla Publishing program, you’ll not only get advice and feedback on how to sell your books, you’ll also get a huge amount of video tutorials, book design templates, tools for growing your email list and more – and we won’t have to try and cram everything into just an hour (long-term motivation and productivity is more important, and it’s hard to learn everything in a short amount of time).

I genuinely believe you’ll get more value for less money by joining my courses, but if you really *have* to talk with me directly, that can be arranged.

PS) If you’re not interested in publishing books, but are interested in starting an online creative business yourself, I’ll be working on some books and courses for you soon – in the meantime make sure you sign up to my list for my free email series on providing value and creating work that matters.