“Reach Your Readers” – a masterclass in visibility for authors (80% off, this weekend only).


>The course is FULL already. <

I’ve been working on Reach Your Readers – my first online course – for about a year. That doesn’t include the year I spent overcoming my terror of being on camera. But I had to learn a bunch of software, figure out which platform to use (I went with Teachable), and learn a whole bunch about launching a course.

Still, because this is my first course, and because I want it to be useful, I recognize it’s not perfect and have been dragging my feet on launching it (in my defense… I also had to finish my PhD thesis and graduate).

As someone told me recently, I’m nervous because I care. And that’s a good thing. But because I’m nervous, and because I’ve never really sold anything to my audience before, I wanted to make sure I give you a great deal… such a great deal that it might come off as spammy or inflated. I hope those of you who know me well and have seen the mountains of useful content I’ve put out over the past 5 years will trust that you’ll be getting the better end of the bargain.

So here’s the deal: the basic level of Reach Your Readers costs $149. But it comes with $632 in bonuses, for a total value of $781 (so you’re getting everything at about 80% off).

You get:

  • The 21 Day Author Platform Course I’m working on, which will be $299.
  • The Guerrilla Publishing Course I’m working, which will be $199.

Those will be for sale later, but you’re basically pre-ordering them at a huge discount. And if you buy in the first 24 hours of launch, you’ll also get

  • all my DIY formatting templates ($47) and
  • DIY Cover Design Templates ($87)

Both of those sites are going to get redone soon with more tools and templates.

You’ll notice I’m not trying very hard to sell this to you, or maybe I’m just doing a terrible job of it. That’s OK with me. I put together a good offer and I’m just telling you what’s what. Like with books and marketing in general, I think “selling” is a waste of time – if you make your offer appealing and put it in front of the right people, you shouldn’t need to work hard to convince them (if nobody buys, it’s because I didn’t make my offer look good enough or valuable enough, and I’ll learn from my mistakes. But I’m not going to try harder to sell it to you if the benefits don’t speak for themselves.)


Marketing gurus with more experience than me say you need to do a “launch sequence” where you build anticipation, announce the details, and then email again when the cart is open. So that’s what I’m going to do. But I’m launching on Saturday (the worst day to launch a course) and I’m only letting 50 people into this course (because I want to control the experience). If you miss this one, you can still get the other courses later.

And I’m actually building up to something pretty epic: a membership program where you can get all of these courses for $19 a month. But that will be about a year from now. The people who get this stuff early will be a year ahead of the competition.

I made a video yesterday talking about the course… since then I’ve gotten feedback that people hated the original course image I was using… and I’ve changed the pricing around a tiny bit. But I share what’s inside the course and what you’ll learn.


The course is NOW OPEN! Click here to check out all the information:

>Save 80% and Get Reach Your Readers for $149.<<

I’ll remove that link as soon as I sell the first 50 slots, so hurry if you want in.


By Monday it will all be over. I’m not sure yet if I’ll sell this course again after I build the two new ones, but I might… I’m realizing course launches aren’t really my thing, and I’d rather just set up a funnel and email series that sells books and courses on autopilot (similarly with what I’ve done with my fiction). I believe in the value and the usefulness of my video courses and tutorials, so I’ll keep making them, but I don’t believe in selling them. Luckily, since I’ve build up platforms that get traffic, I just have to get better at organizing the way I’m helping people… (I also made a video on Facebook today talking about where Creativindie is headed and what’s coming next).

PS) If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer it asap!

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