Penna Bluetooth Keyboard with with Black Chrome Keycap(US Language) (Switch-Cherry Mx Blue, Special Wood)

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Keyboard Description Bluetooth
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Wireless, Bluetooth
Compatible Devices Apple-ipad-2
Brand Elretron
Color Special Wood
Number of Keys 5
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.02 x 7.68 x 2.13 inches
Operating System Windows 8, Mac os, Windows 10

  • PENNA Typewriter style mechanical wireless bluetooth keyboard with 2 standard AA batteries(batteries not included)
  • Wide Compatiblity :Bluetooth(BLE 4.2) :Widely Compatible with Cellphone,Tablet or laptop with Android, Windows10, iOS and Mac OS system NOTE: For Desktop PC Laptop without bluetooth function, you need to use third-party bluetooth dongle adapter (not included) before use this bluetooth keyboard
  • Multi Device Pairing 5 Devices:Switch easily between devices
  • Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical Switch(Made in German).
  • Cradle Holder – Built-in cradle holds your smartphone / tablet at the ideal angle for viewing


Product Description

PENNA Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard made with CHERRY switches, known globally for unrivaled quality in keyboard switches.

  • All OS Support – Supporting Windows 8, 10 / Android/iOS/Mac OS wil help PENNA to run on most devices. (Some older devices such as IPAD2 is not supported)
  • Cherry Mechanical KeySwitch – Aoption of Cherry Switch, known as the world’s most advanced switch technology, ensures fast and accurate typing.
  • Macro Bar – Utilize Macro bars to save frequently used keys, worlds and recall them any time by pressing the bar just one.
  • Bluetooth 4.2(BLE) – Widely Compatible with Cellphone,Tablet or laptop with Android, Windows10, iOS and Mac OS system NOTE: For Desktop PC Laptop without bluetooth function, you need to use third-party bluetooth dongle adapter (not included) before use this bluetooth keyboard
  • Multi-pairing – Restering up to 5 devices via Bluetooth.
  • Cradle Holder – Built-in cradle holds your smartphone / tablet at the ideal angle for viewing

Please! Please! Read manual!

If have problem, tech-support team will help you! via facebook, instgram.

1. AA batteries are not included. Insert the AA battery and turn it on using the switch on the back.

It is normal for the red LED to blink and turn off. The macro bar should be in the center position.(Do not raise the mecro bar)

2.All keys are set based on Win OS. Even if you are using Mac or iOS, please use the switch in Win OS.

If you change the OS switch on the back to iOS, the keying will change and it will not work according to the existing manual.

If you want to use iOS mode, you must manually change the position of the keycap

3.Most of the customers who complained that they were not working put the OS switch on iOS and turned on the product.

This is not an error. The product works well in Win mode. If it is difficult to replace the key position, use it in Windows mode.

Please Check for using PENNA Keyboard

OS Select Mode



STEP 01.

By pressing FN+B at the same time, you may activate the Bluetooth pairing mode. Among the 5 LED lights at the top left corner, an empty slot, not currently assigned to any device will be lit. However, if the slot is previously assigned to another device, the LED will appear blinking.

STEP 02.

Press F1~F5 located directly below the slot you want to assign for the connection.

The LED will start blinking and be in the Pairing mode (for connection) for 60 seconds. If no further action is taken in 60 seconds, the pairing mode will end automatically. Now, you may find the PENNA paired with any of your Bluetooth activated devices, such as PADs / PCs / MOBILE PHONES.

STEP 03.

Ending the Bluetooth pairing mode. Press FN+B at the same time to activate the pairing mode and by pressing FN+ESC,

you may exit the Bluetooth pairing mode. The pairing mode will be terminated and the keyboard will try to connect to the device to which it was last connected






Support up to 5 devices, a multi-pairing feature.

You can sync various devices such as PC, mobile phones, tablets, etc to PENNA.

You can utilize FN+F1~F5 keys to select which device you want.

Use PENNA at home, school, cafe, and any places you can think of!

Wireless Blutooth 4.2(BLE 4.2)

Ensuring security and battery efficiency by using Bluetooth 4.2.

Most recent version of Bluetooth 4.2 services automatic pairing and battery efficiency,

thereby creating a continuous usage environment.

Macro Bar – Copy&Paste

Saving frequently used keys and sentences both of which can be recalled instantly by using the macro bar. Registration of frequently used keys such as Enter/Backspace, etc and even sentences by using MACRO BAR.

The PENNA Keyboard that opens up new worlds

OS Support

Diamond Shape Keycaps

Chrome Keycaps

Cherry Switch

OS Support-iOS/macOS/Win10/Android

Supporting Windows/Android/iOS will help PENNA to run on most devices.

We hope PENNA can be available for all users, so it supports variety of O/S.

Windows/iOS/ANDROID are all supported and works flawlessly on most mobile devices.

  • Not Support Windows 7

Diamond Shape Keycaps

Diamond 4-AXIS Keycaps, with 3 years in R&D, are designed to type with absolute accuracy

from any typing angles. Corners have been specially modified with roundness, resulting

in smooth hit feeling.

Retro Chrome Keycaps

Retro Chrome Keycaps are designed with inspiration from typewriters.

Blue type mechanical switch combined with Retro Keycap will certainly give you the

reminiscence of typewriters.

Cherry MX Key Switch

Top-notch quality Keycaps manufactured from a German company Cherry, known for having developed the highest technology in the industry.

  • Blue type switch with actuating force of 50g(±15g), light sound and clear sense of key touch
  • Red type switch with actuating force of 40g(±20g), specially designed for fast and quick typing.
  • Brown type switch with actuating force of 45g(±15g), for typing in office environments, where a clicky switch might annoy some.



In case of any problems, please follow the below steps before massage.

  1. If slot number you are trying to connect is different from the number that appears on your device: You may discover this problem if you are trying to connect one device to several slots. PENNA does not allow registering the same device to more than 2 of the 5 Bluetooth slots. If you cannot remember which device has been registered, please initialize by pressing FN+B then C to delete previous connection history and try again.
  2. After initializing PENNA doesn’t activate pairing ready status (with 5 LED lights lit up and only 1 LED blinking): Please check if PENNA appears in the device connection history and delete it accordingly.
  3. If device doesn’t connect to assigned slot or is not recognized: When many devices simultaneously trying to connect to PENNA, there may be errors. When assigning devices to a slot, please do so one at a time.
Problems relating to compatibility

If the device is old:PENNA employs the most current version of Bluetooth (4.2 BLE), so some old devices or software variations may not work. Please update your software or use a newer device.If using Bluetooth dongle on Windows 7:Since PENNA employs Bluetooth 4.2 BLE, dongles not compatible with BLE on Windows 7 may not work. please update OS to Windows 8.1.

Firmware update

Firmware for PENNA can be upgraded with a Bluetooth connection in the future. You can download software from our web-site. PENNA comes with the most recent software, V10.0, but if newer version is released.

How to initialize all slots

  • Initialize new connections, deleting the information of the devices allocated to slots
  • Turn off the PENNA keyboard .
  • Remove registered connection history of PENNA from your Bluetooth devices.
  • Turn on the PENNA keyboard.
  • Press FN + B : Activate pairing mode
  • Press C :Delete all devices assigned to Bluetooth slots
  • If have problem, tech-support team will help you!

Additional information

Weight 2.65 kg
Dimensions 14.02 × 7.68 × 2.13 cm
Product Dimensions

14.02 x 7.68 x 2.13 inches

Item Weight

2.65 pounds



Country of Origin

Korea Republic of

Date First Available

April 6 2018


Elretron Inc.

8 reviews for Penna Bluetooth Keyboard with with Black Chrome Keycap(US Language) (Switch-Cherry Mx Blue, Special Wood)

  1. William C.

    Not Ready for Prime TimeWas very excited to see this on sale and to purchase it. Excitement ended when I got it and it didnt work. Hand to contact their technical suppor which was responsive just to do initial connection. Its a blue tooth devce, Should be plug and play. Got it working but a few days later it would stop typing all of a sudden and you would have to wait a few seconds for it work again.Contacted tech support again an they want me to download some software to my phone to move to the keyboard. Uh no. Packed it up and sent it back. Like I said its bluetooth. Should work out of the box wih no issues .

  2. Kat Simmo

    Looks cute, but disappointsThis is the device for you if you prefer something with no instructions, poor quality components, and a major Christmas Eve disappointment for a loved one.We could not get it to work after inserting several new batteries and several attempts.

  3. AmzCustomer

    Nevermind – was a 5 star reviewExtremely sad to report that my Penna keyboard only lasted about 3 weeks. 3 marvelous weeks. It no longer connect to any device even after clearing out history. What a bummer, this was an awesome keyboard while it lasted! :(——–I love this thing. Feels just like writing on a classic typewriter, only it doesn’t take up so much space. Easy five stars and I spend 10 hours a day on it.

  4. L. Ng

    minor problem but fixable.When I went to open my Amazon box to find the actual packaging was already open but the wrapping inside was not opened.After unpackaging everything. Everything from turning it on, connecting to bluetooth, and using it to write my review for this product. So far so good! 😊I did had minor problem with key cap but i fixed by going into language setting, after that it was fine.

  5. luv2bebizee1

    Such a ‘cool’ vintage look!The keyboard looks amazing but takes some getting used to after using the iPad keyboard for so long. The bluetooth is a bit spotty at times but I’ve only had the keyboard for 3 weeks and still getting used to it.

  6. Emily

    Awesome KeyboardThis keyboard is awesome – works and feels like an original type writer feels. Connects easily to all of my devices and is easy to transport.

  7. salem alrashed

    2 months then down hilli don’t know why, but this can not update it driver,searched every for solutions…but nothing.suggestions are welcome here

  8. Xmrider

    Consistent Bluetooth connectionAwesome keyboard!

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