Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard + MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse Combo – Backlit Keys, Ultrafast Scrolling, Bluetooth, USB-C,

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Color Graphite
Brand Logitech
Connectivity Technology RF, USB
Operating System Linux

  • Comfort, precision, combined: Think it, master it with Logitech MX Keys backlit keyboard and MX Master 3 cordless mouse – stable typing and an intuitive mouse sculpted for comfy creativity
  • Fluid input, smart illumination: Logitech MX Keys comfortable keyboard features spherically-dished keys to match your fingertips, with smart backlights that adapt to the light around you
  • Ultrafast MagSpeed wireless scrolling: 90 percent faster, 87 percent more precise – discover ultra-quiet, electromagnetic scrolling with MX Master 3’s MagSpeed wheel
  • App-specific customisations: Speed up your workflow with this wireless keyboard and mouse bundle thanks to predefined app-specific profiles and numerous customisation options
  • Works on any surface, even glass: Faster and 5x more precise than basic wireless mice, MX Master 3’s Darkfield 4000 DPI sensor keeps your work pixel-perfect
  • Cross-computer Flow: Logitech MX Keys advanced cordless keyboard follows the MX Master 3 mouse from one PC to another, meaning users can type on multiple devices in one fluid workflow
  • Multi-device and multi-OS: Connect to up to 3 devices via Bluetooth or the included USB receiver – on Windows, macOS or Linux
  • Think it, master it: Whether you create or code, unlock infinite potential with Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3 – a duo optimally paired for mastery


“Power up your performance with MX Keys and MX Master 3. Comfort, stability and precision combine in a pairing that helps you create, make and do even more. Experience fluid typing on Perfect Stroke keys, and scrolling with the ultra-fast, ultra-precise Magspeed wheel. With smart backlighting on MX Keys and customisable controls on MX Master 3, you can stay in the flow all day long. Connect your mouse and keyboard to up to 3 devices and once, enjoying cross-computer mastery as MX Keys follows your MX Master 3 from one computer to another.”

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MX Keys

Performance Combined

Unlock infinite potential with MX Keys and MX Master 3 – a duo optimally paired for mastery

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December 31 2019



9 reviews for Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard + MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse Combo – Backlit Keys, Ultrafast Scrolling, Bluetooth, USB-C,

  1. Christopher Thornton

    the mouse and keyboard are so nice. this is my 2nd pair for my 2nd work a home deskjust before the pandemic I bought my first MX master 3 mouse and I loved it on my home computer. then about 3 months later it was my work from home mouse. I loved it so much I started looking at other logitech products to replace my keyboard. the MX keys had great reviews and I think it lives up to all the great things people say. I did get the gel rist rest. it definitely is nice to rest your wrists on.my wife set me up a 2nd desk downstairs and I was using my old office keyboard. I missed my MX keys and mouse to much I just got a 2nd pair.I think I have only charged the mouse 5 times in a year and a half. and the keyboard 2 times in 6 months?one of the selling points logic tech says is something about 10-hour coding sessions. yeah, it’s fine for that. I used my for 10 to 12 hours a day. the mouse and keyboard and fine for gaming. I don’t notice any lag. I did have to disable the under thumb button because a quick gaming move to the right you might hit it and its like hitting the winodws button in a game. it jumps right out..switching computer is a cool feature I use on my WFH office setup between my personal pc and my work laptop. there is a cool feature I the software that lets you share files more between computers on your network

  2. Kevin McCarthy

    Worth the CostI never thought I would be one to spend $200+ for a wireless and mouse combo however having three Bluetooth capable devices that I use and travel with I thought I would give these a try. Although the original set I purchased was stolen with my work bag, I liked these so much I replaced them.#1 – these feel very sturdy and well built; I have traveled several times with these in my bag and never had an issue (until that bag was stolen with these in there). The second set I also bought the protective cases to keep them in while traveling.#2 – Super easy to connect and change from device to device however with the mouse, I wish there was a button on the top to toggle back and forth slightly easier although, the button on the bottom is not awful and the device change is easy. I do have these connected to my iPad Pro and still figuring it out but so far no complaints.#3 – These are super comfortable and easy on the hands; key travel is smooth and light on the keyboard and the shape of the mouse is very ergonomic. Wish the keyboard the only key that gets me every time is the ‘lock’ key on the upper right; as I run a lot of calculations, I frequently hit the lock button however over time, I think I will get the muscle memory. One other keyboard item that could be better, an indicator in the “num lock” key like the “caps lock”.#4 – Battery life is definitely adequate; the mouse naturally lasts longer than the keyboard due to the backlit keyboard (love this feature). The keyboard does last throughout the work week and then I charge on the weekends for the next week. The devices do come with the USB-C charger and I keep one in my bag and another at my desk.Overall, I would highly recommend these devices as I have not seen the issues that earlier reviews indicated. My experiences are solely connect via Bluetooth so I cannot review using the include USB dongles.

  3. Grant

    Great keyboard and mouseGreat keyboard and mouse, very comfortable to use. It’s awesome that you can Bluetooth connect them to a smartphone and use them that way when your phone is connected to your TV. I also use these at the couch as I have my computer hooked up to my LG OLED.

  4. Casey K.

    Rock solid comboReally love this new generation from Logitech, just hope it lasts as long as my old ones do.My old revolution mouse is still working so I’m really hoping this will continue to last for many years as that one has.

  5. Richard0605

    I LOVE this bundle!Currently, I am working from home because of the Pandemic, however, if I return to the office… I’m buying a second set! Quality Quality Quality!!! Thanks, Logitech! I’ve been a loyal customer for over 10 years, and I am very happy with all my Logitech Purchases!

  6. Miguel Q

    These are awsomeI am a developer so I have 2 laptops on my desk and my personal machine, I can move my pointer to each computer in a breeze, makes my workflow better, before I had 3 keyboards and 3 mouse over my table, also works great from mac to windows and to linux.

  7. GlassMonkey Viper

    WowNow that’s what I call a mouse…. Wow now that’s a spicy meatball.. MOUSE

  8. Thom l

    Love this keyboard and mouseThus is great keyboard and mouse. Quality is excellent battery lasts a long time between charges. This keyboard is metal case with plastic keys it stays in place and has great performance

  9. Patrick Cabana

    Great peripherals transformed into tresh by their wireless tech.I bought the keyboard and mouse combo. I use these peripherals with a laptop and a PC. The Laptop’s dongle is 77CM away from the center of the keyboard. The PC’s dongle is 74cm away from the center of the keyboard.Even at these short distances, there are periods of non stop wireless interruptions. It makes working very teadious and gaming incredibly frustrating/impossible.It is a shame that these otherwise awesome peripherals are turned into trash by Loghtech’s wireless tech… Very expensive trash…Have some respect for your customers Loghtech. If you are incapable of delivering robust wireless tech, stop selling it…

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