Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra-Portable, Stand-Alone Keyboard COMPATIBLE DEVICES all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and Apple TV

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Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Rechargeable
Compatible Devices Apple-ipad-air
Included Components USB
Brand Logitech
Color Black
Number of Keys 3
Style New Retail Package
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.39 x 0.24 x 9.53 inches
Number of Buttons 6

  • Ultra-portable wireless keyboard for all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and more: Ultra-slim, light, go-anywhere Bluetooth keyboard fits easily in a coat pocket, purse or briefcase
  • Durable and spill-resistant: Wipe able Fabric Skin protects the keyboard from spills, dirt and drops
  • Comfortable typing: Well-spaced, full-size keys with iOS shortcuts for fast, familiar, accurate typing on iPad
  • Long-life rechargeable battery: Type for up to 3 months between charges (Based on 2 hours average usage per day)
  • Simple setup: Pairs quickly and easily with iPad via Bluetooth connection


Logitech Ultra-Portable Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

From the manufacturer


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Brand NEW! Ships in Original Logitech Retail Packaging! FBA Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 5.39 × 0.24 × 9.53 cm
Wireless Type




Item model number


Hardware Platform

Television Tablet Smartphone

Item Weight

6.3 ounces

Product Dimensions

5.39 x 0.24 x 9.53 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

5.39 x 0.24 x 9.53 inches




1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. included


KeyboardsInput Devices



Date First Available

December 7 2014



9 reviews for Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra-Portable, Stand-Alone Keyboard COMPATIBLE DEVICES all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and Apple TV

  1. T. Stibal

    Thin as hell, but you can still feel the key throw, incredible as that may seemI am suffering from ALS, and my DVA-issued iPad is my constant companion, my only efficient means of communication. However, I don’t want to drag both it and the computer around, this so I can work on writing articles while stuck at the hospital for an appointment.So, I went shopping for a keyboard, ideally one that would mate with the iPad as a cover. I tried out four different ones, but settled on this one for several reasons:* The weight. This little wonder is a featherweight compared to all of the others. Thin as an after dinner mint, it fits well in the Case Logic Case that I tote the whole affair in. Not as convenient as a hinged case cover keyboard, but easily half as light.* The operation. Like most other keyboards, it is charged through a USB to mini-USB cord. One control, an on-off slide switch. (The switch is well recessed in the edge of the ‘rubberized fabric covered” case.)* The comprehensiveness of the thing. In addition to the classic ‘QWERTY” arrangement, there is also a row of “function-like” keys above the number row, enabling one touch access to such iPad operations as pulling up the cameras, going to the home screen, search and God alone knows what for several of them. As there is virtually no documentation with your purchase, you have to figure those out by hit and miss. Also, you get an arrow key cluster, command, option and control keys, and a function key, although I have yet to test that out. The one thing missing here is a way to lock the keys into a numeric keypad configuration, something perhaps not in great demand with an iPad but still nice to have if it’s available.* The key throw!!! On a keyboard of ¼” thickness, Logitech has managed to provide keys tha actually have “throw”. While not up to IBM Selectric standards, you still get positive feedback that you have hit the “G” key when you intended to.* The battery life. I’ve bee using it pretty heavily for five day, and the indicator light still shows a full charge.Now for the (very few) ‘negatives”:*The covering, while excellent as far as a protectice cover is concerned, does not have enough ‘tack’ to hold it stationary under the impact of your piston-like fingers. On any surface other than a dead-flat surface, it will move and shift. Small patches of ‘tacky’ material would overcome this easily.* Size. The keys at the margins have been scaled back, but you are still operating on a surface the size of the ancient Apple Newton system keyboard. But, it’s unavoidable if you’re going to scale a keyboard to the size of an iPad. Your hands enter the keyboard in a very tight arrangement, one that you need to learn to maintain. This too works against using the keyboard on a lap or anything other than a flat, stable table.* No carrying sleeve. However, the keyboard’s surface takes storage in a carrying bag well.* The ‘heat sealed’ edges of the keyboard. While efficient and done well, it give the board a ‘cheaper’ feel.* The friggin’ Caps Lock key. On a tight keyboard like this, providing a Caps Lock key without some means of disablement or locking it out altogether is a recipe for typing frustration for a touch typist. I have hated the Caps Lock key ever since the early 1950s, and I was sorry to see it here in classic form. Logitech, give us a way to null this key out!Would I buy it again? In a New York minute, without a doubt. But, if you take the plunge, make sure of your typing surface, or you will find yourself slip slidin’ away…

  2. P. G. Woodhouse

    Fantastic slim lightweight keyboard for travelI’ve owned four of these awesome keyboards, pairing them with mostly Apple products, iPads Macs and iphones. I travel for business and vacation a lot, and these little guys can definitely take a beating. If you’re wondering why I bought four. I lost one (left it on an airplane and just had to buy a replacement). I keep one in the car (just in case), one in my iPad case and another in the office. It’s not my primary keyboard for sitting at a desk…I have two Logitech K760s for that. But for chucking in a bag and typing on the go, this is the one to get.The good:- Theyre super thin, yet you can still feel a little throw on the keys- Easy to slide into an iPad case. I have the bookbook case for my iPad pro and I can easily carry the keyboard around inside- They weigh almost nothing- Rubbery covering stops the keyboard sliding around and protects it- Battery lasts forever- Highly intuitive and simple setup- iOS special keysThe not-so–good:- After time (1 year+) the rubbery covering becomes separated from the keys, so it sort of floats above. It doesn’t affect the function at all, just doesn’t lookme as sleek

  3. Diana M. Tyler

    Great Portable keyboard!Great portable keyboard for use with my ipad. I have seen reviews where others did not like the feel of this keyboard because of the thin protective skin that covers and protects it. I actually like the feel of the keyboard and how the keys respond to touch. It is virtually weightless, flat, and small yet providing a comfortable, full size key placement feel. I bought this for an upcoming international trip. I am tired of lugging a laptop with me when I travel and it appears the Keys to Go with my ipad is the perfect solution to meet my internet needs. The item description did not mention the included iphone stand. Pease note the Iphone stand is included. This is the same product sold on the Apple website for $70. Make no mistake as this is not a replacement for a standard size laptop and it is not a keyboard I would want to be typing on for hours to write long papers. That being said, it is perfect for travel and I would highly recommend!

  4. Thomas V.

    You know you want oneSeriously, buy this. Buy it even if you don’t really need one. It’s really fun to be able to connect this to my phone and get some writing done. I’m quite scatterbrained, so I also find myself replying to email, texts, and typing in searches online all with this keyboard on my phone. I find that I need to sit down at a cafe or restaurant in between appointments to write or get little work tasks done, but for the first time I can remember, I actually had to sit back in the startling realization that I was able to reply to all messages and email, and write everything my little heart desired in about 1/4 the time I thought that it was going to take. In turn, I was able to actually relax for the rest of my discretionary time, instead of anxiously checking the time between tasks so I could run out at the last moment.By the way, I have also paired this to my apple tv, and sometimes to my iMac. It’s not designed for super quick and seamless transitions between paired devices, but the process is simple enough, so it only takes a couple of minutes. It’s more of a novelty, I find that I rarely use it with any device other than my phone after a few months, but you can do it.

  5. Alejandro P.

    Keys-To-Go! El mejor tecladoEste teclado facilita las tareas a la hora de interactuar, tiene accesos directos que controlan increíblemente el ipad, la verdad dudaba mucho en comprarlo pues leí que tenia una especie de LAG; esto no pasa, creo que tengo la versión más reciente del teclado, cuenta con los logotipos nuevos de Logitech.Pensé que el material era de tipo tela con una unión de plástico pero no es así; esta versión es completamente plástico y se encuentra levemente texturizado en la parte de las teclas.No sincroniza con varios dispositivos, para eso hay que desconectar uno y hacer la conexión con el siguiente dispositivo.Es cómodo para escribir y responde muy bien; si hay que acostumbrarse a la proporción de las teclas. Da la impresión de ser un poquito dañable, sobre todo pensando que en la mochila algo podría picarlo y lastimar la cubierta, esperemos que no.

  6. Andrea Romero

    más de lo que esperaba es un producto perfecto, yo estaba buscando un teclado algo elegante, ligero y portátil y es exactamente lo que este teclado es, cuesta un poco acostumbrarse a las teclas porque no se sienten como todos loa teclados comunes, pero gracias a esto las teclas no acumulan polvo dentro de ellas y es 100% a prueba de agua, la batería dura muchísimo, lo uso unas 5 horas al día (no seguidas) y dura aproximadamente 3 semanas en descargarse, el producto incluye un mini soporte que me ayuda a sostener mi ipad para que luzca como una laptop, me encanto el producto 11/10

  7. Susan

    Súper práctico, probado con tableta Android (EDITADO)Diseño, tamaño y peso increíbles, aunque temo que se raye mucho por el tipo de material que es suave al tacto.No hacen nada de ruido las teclas. Es discreto y muy práctico.Para escribir por varias horas no creo que sea muy cómodo pero supongo que con el tiempo te acostumbras.Lo probé con un iPhone y con una Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 y funcionó perfectamente, aunque al inicio mi tableta no reconocía el bluetooth del teclado después de varios intentos y pensé que no funcionaría con dispositivos Android (ya estaba planteándome venderla o devolverla), pero le di una segunda oportunidad unas horas después y por fin se pudo conectar sin problema, me pidió que tecleara un código en el teclado para parear ambos dispositivos, con el iPhone no fue necesario.Estoy contento con mi compra! No es nada barato pero es justo lo que buscaba.EDIT:-Puede llegar a ser molestoso que no se distinga cuándo están activadas las mayúsculas.-La respuesta de teclado a veces la siento lenta, escribo un párrafo largo y hay retraso de segundos, aunque no sucede siempre.-Para algunas personas puede ser demasiado pequeño, aunque creo que precisamente el objetivo es que sea lo más ligero posible.

  8. wildswing

    Great little keyboardI’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now. I like it. Rather than pay Apple a small fortune for their keyboard cover for iPad Pro 9.7 then find out I really don’t want a keyboard, I decided to get something less expensive to test the waters. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like the Logitech keys to go keyboard. It’s light and thin so very easy to take with you or store in a backpack. The keys are a little smaller and closer together than I’m accustomed to but I got used to it quickly. The shortcut keys are very convenient. I use it a lot more than I thought I would. I really like the fact that it’s not connected to the iPad like the Apple keyboard cover would be. Being able to separate the two has been an unexpected and very convenient bonus. It’s not perfect however. I do have a couple of gripes. When I bought it I knew it did not have backlit keys and did not think that would be an issue, however using it more than expected, I have found myself using it in low light a few times, so not being able to see the keys as well as I’d like is a pain. Getting older doesn’t help either. Having the iPad in it’s upright position and near the keyboard does help by illuminating the key board with the screen. My only other gripe is the tiny on/off switch on the top right side. They recommend the keyboard be turned off when not in use to conserve battery power. The switch is in a slightly recessed spot, surrounded by the keyboards outer skin, so it can be hard to get at. I have to use my fingernail… and if I’m using it in the dark, I can’t see the switch 🙂

  9. Geoffrey Klepeis

    Great keyboard for its purposeThis is a great keyboard for its purpose. Ridiculously light, and just about entirely spill proof. Almost feels as light as a piece of cardboard wrapped in rubberized plastic. The challenge with this keyboard is getting used to typing on it. I am fairly used to it now, but I feel my fingers need to press harder than a regular keyboard, which is pretty annoying if you do a lot of typing. So that is something to think about. This purchase would depend where your priorities lie.

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