Freewrite Traveler: Portable Distraction-Free Writing Tool, Smart Typewriter, E Ink Display, Full Size Scissor-Switch Keyboard,

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  • For serious writers only – Traveler is uniquely designed for the “Draft Now, Edit Later” writing method. This method busts writer’s block and can 2x or 3x your productivity. Traveler is not for general purpose word processing.
  • Write anywhere – 4 week battery life
  • Travel light – 1.6lb and half the footprint of a typical laptop
  • Enjoy typing – Full-size scissor-switch keyboard
  • Reduce eye strain – E Ink Screen – Note: a side effect of E Ink’s paper-like quality is a latency that is a split-second slower than an LCD screen.
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Product Description

Freewrite Traveler: The Ultimate Portable Distraction-Free Writing Tool

Freewrite Traveler Header

The Perfect Gift for the Modern Writer

Traveler is the ultimate *portable* distraction-free writing tool and the latest addition to the Freewrite family.

  • 4 week battery life
  • E Ink screen
  • Full-size scissor-switch keyboard
  • 1.6lbs and half the footprint of a typical laptop

Turn off distractions. Focus your thoughts. Simply write wherever you go.



The Freewrite Traveler was designed from the ground up to help the modern writer stay focused and maximize productivity.

There are no distractions whatsoever, i.e. no browser, no email, and no notifications.

Typing Traveler


A featherweight at 1.6 lb, Traveler is light enough to take with you everywhere.

Never miss a moment of inspiration.

Holding Traveler


No more squinting at the harsh backlight of a computer screen.

Traveler’s E Ink display uses ambient light, which is easy on the eyes and won’t wash out under direct sunlight.

Typing Traveler 2


Traveler’s full-size scissor switch keyboard was optimized for typing feel.

Each key has over 2mm of travel, double a traditional laptop, providing a superb tactile response.

Cloud connected Traveler


Traveler is always saving in the background to internal flash storage. It can hold 1,000,000+ pages of drafts.

As additional backup, drafts are seamlessly backed up to the cloud using built-in Wi-Fi.

Traveler languages


Freewrite supports 30+ alternative keyboard layouts in software including QWERTZ, AZERTY, DVORAK and more.

Additional information

Weight 1.56 kg
Dimensions 11.3 × 5 × 0.97 cm
Product Dimensions

11.3 x 5 x 0.97 inches

Item Weight

1.56 pounds




1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Date First Available

January 11 2021



8 reviews for Freewrite Traveler: Portable Distraction-Free Writing Tool, Smart Typewriter, E Ink Display, Full Size Scissor-Switch Keyboard,

  1. a girl is Not no one

    No Regrets – Freedom to WriteThe idea behind the freewrite is you focus on writing the first draft. You just go forward. When I sit to write on the lap or desktop, there is a part of my mind that wants to check the email, notifications, social media, etc. I have the willpower to not do it, but I still want to check them. How long have I been writing? Can I check now? These thoughts reside in the back of my mind. I don’t have the desire to check on those things with the traveler because it simply isn’t an option. It is only about writing the story. The distractions no longer interrupt my creative thought process.The instant opening of the document gets me straight to work. Transferring the document to the computer is quick and easy.The traveler is quite portable. It’s the size of a keyboard. The screen is large enough for you to see what you wrote previously. I have mine set for average size text view and my screen shows eleven lines. The cover is glossy and it will show lots of fingerprints.Battery life is long. I’ve had mine over a week and used daily. I’m still on the first charge.It is expensive. Pen and paper is cheap and also distraction free, but pen and paper isn’t free in time. I hand-wrote ten pages and the next day, instead of writing ten more pages, I spent the next day typing the pages into the document. And that’s another reason I purchased this machine.

  2. darlamarie

    I wanted it to be betterI wanted this to be better than what it was. There is a HUGE delay in what you type vs when you see it on screen and there is no backlight. That was enough for me to return it.It’s super portable and love the keys but for what it costs with those issues, I couldn’t love it

  3. RomanceReader

    LOVE it!Love this freewrite! I’ve been thinking of getting one for months and I’m so happy with it. Easy to read screen and comfortable to type on.

  4. Curtis Hornung

    Great productLove this with all my heart. I am a poet and I take it everywhere and it works beautifully. It stays charged forever and ever.

  5. Wesley Johnson

    Just write!I wish I discovered this product years ago! Dont have to worry about buying or updating a computer because its out dated.If I need to use Wp or windows, I can go to the library and transfer my work.

  6. SigmaNu

    Performs as promisedI’ve had my Freewrite Traveler for a few days, now, and I’m liking it so far. Let me preface by saying that I write *a lot*. I make about half my income from writing, and often write several thousand words a day.Why I wanted a TravelerI wanted a distraction-free writing tool that was portable, lightweight, and as limited as possible to a single function: writing. I also wanted something I could use outside without struggling against glare. The Freewrite Traveler fit these criteria perfectly.Is it worth the price?That’s a hard question to answer, surprisingly. Consider that a Kindle Oasis is currently about $300, and you can’t type on it. The thing is, the Freewrite is unique – there’s no competition to drive the price down. Even if there were, I could still see paying the price of a fancy Kindle for it.Things to consider> Lack of backlighting. In low lighting, you will need an external light source, such as a lamp or booklight, to shine on the screen.> Size of the screen. The screen is about the size of a 3 x 5 card. I don’t find this to be an issue, but it could be a drawback for some.> Navigation between paragraphs and lines. This is clunky, time-consuming, and difficult. If you’re the sort of person who absolutely must correct errors when you see them, it could quickly become a source of frustration.> Purpose. The Freewrite Traveler is not so much a writing tool, as a drafting tool. It is not suitable for creating polished, finished products. It *is* suitable for getting words down in rough form. It is perfect for the ‘discovery draft’: the first version of a story or a chapter that no one else will ever see, which is just for the writer to discover how the story will unfold.Things I Like- The keyboard is smooth and quiet, and easy to type on.- Synching and accessing files is easy.- the size is great for traveling or writing anywhere.- the optional views in the status bar are nice, especially the word count and timer.- The screen is great for outdoor use.- the lack of distraction DOES promote productivity- overall, accessing files, switching between folders, and limited on-the-go editing is easy.Things I don’t like, or wish were better.- The slight lag on the screen when typing is a little bit inhibiting. If I type without looking at the screen, it actually works better for me, because I don’t notice the lag, and it does catch up.- Editing is difficult – for example, going back to a previous paragraph to change a word or phrase. It’s better to just keep a notebook handy and takes notes so you remember what you need to go back and fix on another editor.- The price is high. I can only hope that my Traveler lasts me many years, and that I get a lot of good use from it.This review was written on the Freewrite Traveler and edited in Notion. [Note – learning markdown syntax is essential to get the most out of this device].I will try to return to this review and update it in a few weeks or months, after a bit more use.

  7. I_AM_A_LADY

    I love the distraction free part of this product.I was very excited to by this product and I am happy I did but it definitely has a lag.

  8. Dennis Mabrey

    Works in sunlight…I bought this to work in sunlight and it works really well outside. It is not easy getting an e-ink screen that one can type documentation so I was glad I got this. It works well and is easy to set up. I think the biggest downside of this device is the price. It is pricey so make sure you really need this.It doesn’t replace a real word processor but it does allow you to perform markup text so that you can create different headings like Word and you can underline, bold, etc… You can also put in footnotes which is nice.To get files off of this device you can connect directly to your PC or synch up with an online filesharing service (Google and/or Dropbox). You can also synch with Autohaus’s server as well and there is a ‘send’ button to email your file to yourself.Some people complain about lag time and yes… it can get laggy especially if you are moving around quickly (arrow keys). But the point of this device is to type and type fast to get the words down… THEN you go and edit the synched version later online with a PC. Since that is what this device is aimed at then lag time isn’t really a big deal.

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