Positive affirmations for authors: Write faster and sell more books!

I started listening to positive affirmations/motivational mp3s and recordings years ago; my favorites are Kelly Howell and David McGraw. But I wanted something that was just for authors and writers, so I made my own.

I made this first video to help authors struggling with finding time for their writing. Sometimes subconscious fears are the things that are really slowing us down. Listening to this video repeatedly should make you more comfortable sticking to a writing habit, and writing every day.

This next video has some affirmations that relate to public speaking, being a New York Times bestseller, and charging high prices for services – so it’s best suited for a career author who is using their books to sell other things, like speaking engagements, services or products. But many of the affirmations will work for anybody who wants to write and sell books.

If you like these, go find them on YouTube so you can listen to them while napping or going to sleep.

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  • JK Riki Posted

    Meditations like this and positive thinking are so insanely valuable, I agree. I feel like a lot of people neglect this sort of practice because 1) It’s seen as kind of hippy-dippy to some people and 2) the world is so negative that when you take a positive perspective people say you’re naive.

    Hopefully these videos get some more positive thoughts into some folks! 🙂

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