Lightning Source Fees: Read this before you publish!

Maybe you’ve done your research and have decided that to give your book a fair shot in the competition against mainstream published books, you need to use a distributor like Lightning Source. If so, here are some tips to help you set up! 1) Make sure all your files are perfect, unimpeachable, eternal. Unfortunately, unlike

Harry Potter and Vladimir Tod: How to write a YA fantasy novel series in 7 steps

A few years ago I read the YA series “Chronicles of Vladimir Tod” by Heather Brewer. While no JK Rowling, the books nevertheless have many eerie parallels to the magical world of Hogwarts – except that the secret society of magical people are vampires, not witches. I’m not accusing Brewer of plagiarism; she’s...

9 Habits that are turning you into a soulless zombie

9 Habits that are turning you into a soulless zombie

🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ Hey there, Zombified Wanderer! So, remember that time I got hooked on “The Walking Dead” and binged the entire thing, talking about nothing else at brunch for weeks? Yeah, me neither. But somewhere between Glenn’s heartache and Michonne’s sword skills, I had a terrifying realization: we’ve got real zombies...

The most important words you will ever read

“There is nothing you have to do.” These words changed my life. When I was younger there were so many “shoulds.” Everybody faces responsibilities, needs to make money, has social and family ties – soon we get fed up, have no time or freedom, and feel trapped. The most important thing you can do for

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