What to do when book marketing doesn’t work for you

My book, Book Marketing is Dead, has been out for almost two years. In that time, it’s sold around 10,000 copies and has 140 reviews. But the two reviews most people found helpful are critical. I understand why the normal advice is to ignore negative reviews and not respond, but I think these issues need

When should you give up on your writing?

When should you give up on your writing?

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile, but just saw this letter on NYMag’s Dear Polly section from a middle aged author struggling with her declining career, and the response is basically the world’s worst advice to writers. Even worse, it’s exactly what all authors and writers keep repeating and telling...

Double your Kindle sales in 24 Hours

Easy fixes and insider secrets to Kindle publishing If you aren’t already selling lots of books, it’s one of two problems. #1: Visibility – if nobody ever sees your book, no other factor (covers, reviews, description) is going to matter. #2: Your sales page Maybe you are driving traffic, and even doing some advertising, but...