The easy way to launch a book (with a list)

A month ago I published my first fiction. I was stressed about it. I checked my ranking every 20 minutes. And I wrote two major tutorials chronicling the experience, including all the stuff I did to make my book a bestseller. Yesterday I published two more. And it was so .  much . easier …

Coming Soon

This blog has always been a place for random half-baked insights, but in 2018 I’m going to be more deliberate about what kind of content I share and post. I’ve also decided to focus on ONE long epic heavily researched article on each major topic or challenge facing creative entrepreneurs, instead of a hundred short

How to be a failed artist without becoming Hitler

Depending on others, gatekeepers, wanting others to do it for you, blaming everyone else… determination to succeed, to win, triumph. Embittered, angry, cruel. ONE amazing piece of art/cover… one LONG thoughtful article about failed, angry artist who were complete assholes, even successful creatives.