How to be untrustworthy

How to be untrustworthy

Over the past seven years, I’ve built a few platforms that get a decent amount of traffic. For the past three years, I’ve been trying to convert some of that traffic into revenue through digital products and courses, so I can focus more time on my writing. Although I have had some success, I’m also

Join me on  Spanish island? (Writing retreat in Mallorca)

Join me on Spanish island? (Writing retreat in Mallorca)

We’ve spent several months in the USA this year, and I’m already itching to get back to Europe. The slow pace, the clean air, the historic buildings… I just always feel more creatively inspired if my surroundings are uplifting. Our current plan is Portugal in September, Prague or Frankfurt in October, a castle in Austria

Advanced Amazon advertising for Authors

I was pretty sure I  sucked at Amazon ads. Which is mostly fine: I’m still making money and I figured I couldn’t *really* spend big on Amazon ads until I had a bunch of finished series out. Tonight I took a look at the ads I’m still running. My average cost per click is about $0.30;