Keeping the creative spark alive

Since March, I have been on 81 podcasts, assuming I have not miscounted. In every one, they ask me how I became a writer, and I’ve answered a lot of different ways, but the one I keep coming back to is that I never knew that wasn’t what you were supposed to do. When I

Fun with numbers – book cost edition

One of the interesting things about insomnia is that you have all sorts of extra time to do things that you would never imagine doing in your entire life, like adding up all the costs of your novels against all the costs of your graphic novels. But, that is the world I live in many

Novel Writing Basics (fiction templates)

Novel Writing Basics (fiction templates)

A couple summers ago I decided to make a video series for teens who wanted to write novels. It was a free program and we had over a thousand students. But I realized, actually, it’s probably my best summary of all my writing advice and ideas, because I *tried* to keep things simple and organized.  The 3 secrets to book marketing...

How to get booked on podcasts

In the past couple of months, I’ve been on A LOT of podcasts, and most of them haven’t come out yet. I’ve been recording 3-5 a week, and sometimes up to 10 a week for the past few months. People have often asked me how I do it, so I’m just going to make this The 3 secrets to book marketing, and a haunted castle tour...

Getting people to share your work

I was just talking with somebody in a thread who was complaining about how nobody wants to help promote their stuff, even though they promote other people. Meanwhile, they were defensive to everybody in the thread, and their grammar was horrible. Like so bad that you could barely understand what they were saying. So, I’m