Own your ugly: why I have bad teeth and how I’m overcoming my insecurity

Own your ugly: why I have bad teeth and how I’m overcoming my insecurity

shiny teethRecently I’ve been making a lot of video, doing some webinars, and preparing to launch my first online courses. One thing that’s always bothered me (maybe the reason it took me a year to even feel comfortable enough on camera to begin) is that I have ugly teeth.

Most of my teeth needed root canals, then I got posts and crowns, then that all fell out and I started getting implants. My front teeth are my only “natural” teeth left and they look like shit – dark and uneven. I want to get them fixed up but there isn’t much tooth left and dentists don’t want to grind them down just to put on a polished veneer.

Maybe I’ll do it someday. In the meantime, this is just what I look like. My insecurities are exacerbated chatting with these young, slick looking guys from LA or Jersey or whatever with their polished white teeth that glow in the dark.

I’d like to think their teeth don’t look natural either, or that most regular folk would be less trusting of a polished city slicker with perfect teeth… but the truth is, looks matter, and people often associate good looks with credibility and success.

It sucks, but if you go to a convention of bloggers making money online, the really pretty looking boys and girls are usually the ones crushing it.

But not always.

And shit, what are you going to do? Give up? Hide?

Fuck that.

Everybody has their bad teeth.

Everybody has something about themselves that makes them insecure, or they wish they could change. Or at least, most of the people you’re trying to connect with online do.

My uncle is a professional singer, and he’s an amazing performer. But he stopped – because he’s got bad teeth too, and he’s afraid to get up close to old ladies and sing love songs because he’s not young and handsome with perfect teeth anymore.

What excuses are holding you back from pursuing your goals?

They don’t matter.

There’s only doing, and not doing.

If you have a choice to do something as well as you can, ugly teeth and insecurity and all, or not doing anything – always do it anyway.

You’ll never regret the things you did… only the things you didn’t

What are you insecure about? Comment below!