Oops – I unsubscribed the wrong half of my email list

I was trying to unsubscribe people who never opened my emails, but screwed something up with Mailchimp segmentation. I was trying to clean things up, but made a big mess. I’ll try to figure it out asap!

UPDATE: So I was using Mailchimp segmentation to try and get rid of some of the emails that never opened any emails; people signed up just for giveaways or free stuff, but probably used a fake email.

Mailchimp has a “user rating” and 2 stars is supposed to equal zero opens.

But I also tried not to delete anyone who signed up recently (because they wouldn’t have opened anything yet).

And then I ALSO added “people who have not opened all of the last 5 emails.”

I thought I was being safe by choosing 3 different fields, instead I got a really mixed list of people…I noticed when I sent out a “you have been unsubscribed” message, which I expected to only go to people who never opened. Instead I got about a hundred replies right away. So I sent out another apology email, just to stop the flood of emails, saying never mind and I’d sort it out. I’m going to add all the emails back in and try again in a few months, once it’s built up more data.


  • Tony Lavely Posted

    I wondered, but then you explained. I’m good.

  • Virginia Llorca Posted

    I open just about all, maybe all, your emails. My feelings are hurt.

  • Regina Raymond Posted

    I was surprised to find myself unsubscribed, since I’ve opened most of your emails, but now I get it. Hope you sorted it all out. Maybe I’ll just re-subscribe to be sure. I don’t want to miss anything.

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