Next year… Nanowrimo in a castle (free giveaway for authors!)

Update – I’m almost done with my first month living in a castle for Nanowrimo. I’ll post a wrap-up soon with what I’ve learned… and I set up a giveaway to get started for next year.
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nanowrimo castle

By 2016 I’ll be a full-time author, which means I can finally do Nanowrimo properly, with zero distractions and 100% focus. SO: I’m going to rent a castle for the whole month of November during Nanowrimo. I’m inviting some bestselling authors to join me – and I’ll be doing a giveaway so two or three other people can come and write novels with us (no charge for them, but they’ll have to get to Europe on their own). If that sounds exciting, sign up on the list below so you don’t miss your chance to win.

This is the one I like and will probably rent, it’s in France (so technically, it’s a chateau).

nanowrimo 2016 castle
nanowrimo 2016 castle

Thoughts, comments, feedback?

I’ve been planning this out and thinking about it for over a year; we’ve also spent six months in Europe looking at castles that would make excellent writing retreats.

But I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Concerns or questions? Please comment below!


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