Mexico alien hearing – is this exposure?

Mexico alien hearing – is this exposure?

This morning when I woke up, Reddit was abuzz about a hearing in the Mexican congress showing alien cadavers. I’m not a true believer, or even an X-files fan, but I’m proud of my imagination and entertaining new possibilities is something I enjoy. If my philosophy degree taught me anything, it was to never assume you know the truth about anything.

This might seems like a weird topic to bring up on a blog about creativity, but there’s a lot to it and I have some personal experiences to share. Let’s start by bringing you up to speed.

A few weeks ago, there was a US congress hearing about whether or not the government has been hiding secrets from the public about UAP’s (unidentified aerial phenomenon, formerly known as UFO’s). They had some witnesses but kept things grounded, and focused on levels of secrecy or government funding – which isn’t a terrible thing because the Pentagon blows through billions of mostly unaccounted spending.

Then this morning, Mexico had their own conference, where they should videos of UAP’s and actual alien bodies that looked just like ET. Most people think it was garbage; the bodies have been around for a thousand years and look like bad papermache. The guests presenting them were notorious scammers or liars and all the evidence had been debunked years ago.

mexico alien UAP

Still the timing is suspicious. Why hold the event in the senate and publicize it live on YouTube, why take it seriously and let the witnesses swear in legally to testify. Why did it come so soon after the one in the USA? For decades all of this Alien/UFO stuff has been a Vegas sideshow.

People have also talked for years about exposure – the idea that at some point (before the aliens come back, maybe) – governments would have to prepare people for their arrival and reveal some of the truth. I’ve also heard, the pandemic was made on purpose to condition us to follow orders and stay indoors.

That’s a rabbit hole too deep for myself, but I do always like to push for the logic behind events. The alien bodies shown in Mexico had x-rays showing the bone structure and DNA results proving them to not be human. They had fingerprints that would be “impossible to replicate.” One had fertilized eggs inside, which proved100% that they are biological and organic.” It looked pretty convincing.

So, was the debunking of these bodies earlier just a cover-up campaign? Or had the Mexican government been bamboozled by swindlers they’d ignored for decades and then decided suddenly to give a national soapbox too? Why? For entertainment? A reelection campaign? I can’t see any good reason to risk public humiliation. There must have been some motivation to allow or incite this event to happen, and I can’t think of a good one.

Is the truth really out there?

Also today, I saw a tiktok video of a lady with big eyebrows denying that dinosaurs had existed because bones don’t last that long, and then somehow segue into dinosaurs being a coverup for real, actual giants. Firstly, bones do dissolve quickly, and fossils only happen under unique circumstances – but dinosaurs were around for millions of years, so there are more of them because they lasted longer than us and found more of those unique circumstances.

We do have human fossils and mummies as well – these particular alien bodies were found in an algae mine in Peru, near the Nazca lines. Are they real or is it all a fraud? I can’t prove any of that – they’d need to find some real, new scientists to run tests.

But, they’d also have to keep an open mind. Maybe only the people who want to believe will spend the time and resources proving whether something is true or not, while “normal” people would just laugh the whole thing off. I lived in Malta for awhile, and everyone on the island would swear up and down that they knew exactly when the first people came to the island (way before St. Paul shipwrecked there) and when the megalithic structures were built (I snuck in to party sometimes during university).

But the archaeologists on Malta were deliberately hiding evidence that didn’t support (or directly refuted) their own books on history, and they didn’t want to risk their careers. I believe now they’ve finally changed the signs and deepened the history, but it was resisted. Edit: this is a Graham Hancock Netflix claim and Maltese scientists are still refuting it.

Most historians and archaeologists might have an established bias against controversial ideas that don’t fit the regular, ordinary narrative. But that doesn’t matter, because there is extra evidence. The alien bodies might be fake, but the Nasca lines are real…. made about 2000 years ago, these giant images were made in the dry plains in Northern Peru. There are hundreds of them, and some of the straight lines cover over 30 miles.

One of them looks like this.

nasca line aliens

To me, that looks just like our alien buddy waving at his friends and saying “help we crashed here!” And then we found some bodies that match this image – were they made up as a fraud? Maybe! But today they were shown off with apparently new, scientific evidence in a senate hearing, just a couple weeks after the USA had their own hearing.

When you have a bunch of highly ridiculous things that happen all together, it gets harder to ignore them. It’s easy for conspiracy theorists to make new connections between things and weave a vast tapestry of captivating falsehoods. And I was an easy mark when I was a kid. But I’ve spent a lifetime unravelling the narratives. I believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but I also had terrifying episodes of sleep paralysis from a young age… so I saw them. They visited me. Experiences like that – wakeful hallucinations – feel like proof of an objective reality behind our ordinary one.

Later I was tortured by demons. I believed in it (and was scared) enough to go to our family priest for help. And then finally, I had a stereotypically alien encounter. Beings around my bed. My body lifted out my window. I found a 1-inch, perfectly straight line on my abdomen I don’t remember having. I asked my mom if I’d ever had surgery there and she said no.

Since the internet, I’ve explored this semi-common phenomenon. It still happens sometimes, but I’m not scared of it, because I don’t believe in it. I understand how sleep paralysis works. But I still have the scar I can’t explain.

I’ve also taken ayahuasca and similar mind-bending substances, and seen the “machine elves” – a shared psychedelic experience of being visited or taken by short humanoids who try and teach you the secret of the universe. I experienced them, without believing in their definite existence; without forcing the manifestations of my brain to fit in my limited and narrow understanding of reality.

Years ago, I saw a UFO in Portland. I looked up and noticed three stars forming a triangle, with a black void between them blocking out the stars. It could have been a drone, or something. But it was a UAP – something I experienced but couldn’t explain.

In Machu Picchu, there’s a special rock that will screw up compasses. I feel silly saying I could “feel the energy” from that rock or that I buy crystals and gemstones that boost my aura… but anyone can take an ordinary compass there and see the dial go crazy. Maybe it’s a giant natural magnet, who knows.

But here’s a fun question: if thousands of years ago, natives brought the rock up the mountain and put it in the center of their city… why? What purpose did it serve. How did they know THIS rock was special, without compasses, unless they could feel it somehow? Recent studies have proven we can feel the effects of magnetic fields, and there are places on earth with stronger energy signals. Maybe these can even be manipulated with the right arrangement of big rocks.

Honestly I have no idea.

But someone put that rock there for a reason.

Someone draw giant pictures for a reason.

The most fascinating thing to me about Peru, was that the best construction was at the lowest levels, and this is pretty true around the world actually. You’d expect technology to get better, to start off with simple huts and sheds, then start cutting and moving stones. It makes sense to use smaller bricks that could be moved easily and keep them all the same size – but Peru has these giant blocks with random corners and sides that make no sense, and they’re absolutely massive.

There are buildings put together with stones so neatly that a cool echo effect is created, and you can test it and hear it – it sounds weird. These are the oldest sections. Then there are copies; they look about the same, but the quality of the craftmanship is poor, and they have no acuistics.

It worked, until it didn’t. Older cultures were somehow technologically more proficient. Some knowledge has been lost. I’m not saying it was aliens, really I’m not. Humans are probably capable of amazing things. I’m aware that there’s some violence in claiming some ancient culture could not have been capable of achieving great works of art or architecture.

ancient aliens

But for a long time, we had no human civilization earlier than around 3000BC – anything older than that was waved off as an impossible anomaly. Then they discovered Gobekli Tepe in Eastern Turkey, from around 9000BC, which is “one of the first manifestations of human-made monumental architecture.” The site is built from T-shaped megaliths, decorated with carved animals, and it had been intentionally buried.

When I visited a few years ago, less than 5% of the structures had been uncovered. Since it doesn’t fit into standard theories of history, experts say it was setup by wandering nomads, for reasons. But the reasons don’t matters. It’s there, it exists, and that’s enough.

Göbekli Tepe turkey

This looks like a landing pad for UFO’s to me….

NASA UAP report – is this the beginning?

If it’s too unlikely for these events to be random, it seems to me like the US congress hearing might have been moderate and serious – avoiding showing too much of the sensational stuff – and then Mexico followed up with the crazy.

In the US hearing, 3 military officials testified that the government is ‘absolutely’ in possession of UAPs; and that ‘Nonhuman biologics’ were found at a crash site. Now Mexico is bringing some controversial proof that would have been too ridiculous to entertain. This seems like, a step-by-step process of controlling the narrative – being able to reveal the full truth without freaking everybody out. And it’s working…

When I told my wife about alien bodies in the Mexican congress, she shrugged and said “I don’t care.” It’s not that she doesn’t believe in aliens, it’s just that it doesn’t affect her life in any meaningful way. And she’s even been reading Zecharia Sitchin, who writes about ancient alien astronauts that the Sumerians called the Anunnaki, from a 12th planet called Nibiru with an elliptical orbit that passes earth every few thousand years.

A few years ago we toured a cavern in Eastern Europe and the official tour guide, who was obviously a Sitchin fan, told fantastic stories about what the cave paintings really depicted. Sitchin was the only one translating the Sumerian I think though, and it feels a little too close to Joseph Smith’s golden plates.

In a few hours, NASA is going to release its own study on UAP‘s. I don’t know what they’re going to say. But there seems to be some definite, international and interagency coordination happening here. So it wouldn’t surprise me if they just gave a little more detail. A little more information. It’ll probably keep things simple. Here’s what I think they will say:

  • that there are things in our skies we can’t explain
  • we’d like to study them more

Even if that’s all that comes out of this, that should be a pretty profound thing in itself. Whether you believe in aliens, or that the aliens are just versions of us visiting from another time and place, weather balloons or foreign spy drones, even mass hypnosis or psychosis… something is happening.

UFO’s seem to present in a bunch of standard shapes and sizes – triangles, discs or cylinders (tiktaks) – but some seem to be fuzzy. A metal square inside a ball of fire, like the images shown in the Mexico UAP hearing. Maybe they are humanity’s Rorschach test; what Milton called “visible darkness” and “sights of woe, regions of sorrow, doleful shades.” 

In Kierkegaard Seducer’s Diary, a manuscript found in a locked drawer, he discusses how the object of desire, by receding, by resisting, can’t help but draw in her prey like a trap. It’s sexist and awful, unless you see the thin plot as a metaphor and support his real philosophical work.

He whose eye happens to look down the yawning abyss becomes dizzy.

Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom

The Seducer’s Diary was published in 1843 under a pseudonym and titled “either/or” – a title I appreciate. It hints at impossible choices and vague apathy. When faced with the burgeoning disclosure of UAP’s we have two choices: ridicule or ignore.

The third however is most troubling. If we look at the visible darkness, the weird mystery, the things that don’t add up. If we ask questions and seek answers, we might accidently spy the yawning abyss of our own ignorance, which will cause dizziness or even madness.

When War of the Worlds came out in 1938, people panicked.
When Nasa studies UAPs, we don’t even care.

Regular people have never seen some of this stuff before, because the regular media haven’t covered it. Mexico’s hearing though, is fair game, and it’s been picked up by yahoo and the independent. One of the testimonies was from Dr. Zalce Benetiz, head of legal and forensic medicine in the Mexican navy and adjunct professor of the University of London.

But people aren’t buying it.

alien uap congress hearing
alien uap congress hearing
alien uap congress hearing

Hoax or disinformation?

But here’s the thing… I’m still looking for a reason governments are having these hearings at all. What purpose does it serve? So let’s imagine, for the sake of conversation, that the government did have a secret alien program and that they were ready to disclose, but they wanted to make sure we would be unable to believe, even when prevented with evidence.

How could they do that – to show us the proof and make sure we’d refuse it? Probably by spending a decade on fakes, getting our hopes up and then dashing them again, so the alien enthusiasts who keep getting excited are habitualized as crazy and gullible. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the Mexican stuff was all completely fake: more evidence, in congress, by reputable scholars. They even shared the alien DNA for others to study.

On July 27th, a day after the US congress hearing, a law was signed by both parties, called “controlled declassification”, which establishes that by 2024 the public “will have to be prepared to accept the presence of non-human entities in our world.”

But when Mexico shows alien bodies, it looks like an obvious hoax.

And maybe it is.

But I could argue that going this far to deliberately make a hoax believable, and then reveal it as a fake, could be taken as proof of actual aliens; that the fake aliens prove the real aliens. When the USA or Nasa presents its own alien bodies and DNA and proof, even a flying saucer maybe, people will not believe it.

Fool me once, shame on you.

So, the USA will have revealed the big expensive secret they’ve been keeping, but society will keep on running because nobody will care.

But that’s probably silly.

There may be no aliens at all, in which case… why are they doing all this?

A distraction from something else? A psychological experiment?

Right now, the hashtag #aliens on Twitter is 10x more popular than the #bidenimpeachment, but only 1/2 as popular as “Trump’s DOJ” which is about the Biden impeachment. But which one is the theater? Which one is the bread and circuses?

The aliens hashtag brings up a ton of identical posts; someone is using bots or fake accounts to spread this narrative… deliberately, right now. But it doesn’t have to be a conspiracy; maybe its just a clickfarm trying to get advertising money somehow.

#spielberg is also trending – and a few weeks ago they announced that the man who brought you the ET movie in 1982 will launch a four-part docuseries about aliens, on Netflix this September. But he’s also trending because ET looks like the alien body in the Mexico hearings; and also because Steven and his wife donated $1.5 million to writers on strike. He also produced Falling Skies, War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, the 1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Truth is stranger than fiction? Maybe after Roswell, the CIA paid Hollywood to start a decades-long disinformation campaign by telling us stories about aliens. Or maybe people make aliens movies just because they make money. Either of those could be true. One is infinitely more likely.

I don’t have any answers but I’m also not obsessed with asking questions.

But it does seem like something new is happening, and that’s always intriguing.

If evil, why tiny and cute?

Here’s some other fun stuff… since the hearing showing these bodies, I’ve been seeing a bunch of other videos and photos of other obviously faked, debunked stuff from the past few years. But the weird thing is, these tiny alien humanoids are all pretty similar. Very small, with three fingers, protruding lips, large skull. And not even close enough to ET to say that they were all copying Spielberg’s version.

Just very similar little dudes, popping up in various countries.

And then there was this: I’d heard the argument that these mummies were debunked because the bones were all wrong and it would walk funny, and then found this video where it shows how the alien would just fall apart. But THAT video and the funny way he’s walking, is eerily similar to the dolby ringcam video.

PS. Here’s the 4 hour UAP hearing in the Mexican congress you can skip through… UPDATE: apparently this isn’t really congress of the government, just a paid-shill open forum using the congress building, or something.

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