Mailchimp for Writers and Authors (free video series!)

I wanted to make a quick video about how to use Mailchimp to setup your email optins, autoresponders and signup forms; instead I talked for three hours about email marketing.

So here’s a free crash course video series on setting up Mailchimp and using it to build a list, and how to engage that list with great content, and how to use the list to sell more books.

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#1: setting up a list / setting up confirmation emails and signup forms

#2: adding pages and signup boxes to your site and books

#3: sending out email campaigns

#4: automation, autoresponders and email sequences


If you don’t have Mailchimp yet you can sign up here.

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  • Tim Smith Posted

    Derek~ I am setting up a free website on WordPress. Will I be able to upgrade seamlessly later, or is it better to go ahead and and do so now (with the domain name and all)? Also, I want to sign up with mailchimp, but they no longer accept e-mail domains ending in gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. because of the spam factor. Since WordPress does not offer e-mail, where did you get yours and was it easy to intergrate with WordPress? Thanks for the plethora of information you provide. ~Tim

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