Love poems (poetry examples that will make her swoon)

Love poems (poetry examples that will make her swoon)

I should probably collect a list of the best romantic poems ever written, and maybe I will. This is not that. I mostly talk about writing books, but I noticed most of the other big writing sites actually get most of the their traffic from this keyword, because everybody is interested in romantic poetry! When you want to tell her how you feel, but don’t have the words to express all that emotion…

I’m actually playing around with a love poem generator, so you can write unique poetry in a flash. It should be pretty cool. Today I was just playing around with random prompts and examples, and figured I’d post them here.

write a romantic poem in the style of emily dickinson

A love that I can’t explain
A feeling I can barely contain
My heart so full of emotion
My feelings, so often in motion

It’s like a sweet summer’s breeze
Weaving through the trees
Bringing with it a gentle calm
A feeling that can do no harm

The way it fills me with joy
As if I’m a new found toy
My heart so full of bliss
I’m at a complete loss for words

The perfect love for me
Is the one that sets me free
Where I can be myself
And know that I’m loved for me

Your love is like a warm embrace
Filling me with grace
Your kindness shines so bright
That I am filled with delight

Your love so full of life
It’s like a never-ending light
It brings me comfort and peace
A feeling that will never cease

write a rhyming creative romance poem

My love for you, like a river, flows
My heart it swells, as I’m exposed
To your beauty, like a star, aglow
Your presence, like a melody, I know

Your words, like sweet honey, they roll
My soul they touch, my love they console
Your laughter, like the music of birds
My soul it stirs and my heart it heard

Your beauty, like a rainbow, divine
My eyes they marvel, my heart they entwine
Your kiss, like a flame, it burns
A love, like no other, for me it yearns

My love for you, ever true
My heart, forever, belongs to you.

write a rhyming love poem

Desire beauty, my girlfriend sweet,
The kind I will never forget.
Your soft lips, your gentle eyes,
Your beauty, I can’t deny.
My love for you is ever strong,
Our bond, it will never be gone.
Your gentle touch, your loving heart,
Our love will never be apart.
Your beauty cause my heart to sing,
Your grace, my heart it will always bring.

Your beauty, it is so divine,

Our love, in it I shine.

Your beauty, it is so sublime,
It’s you, that I forever climb.

Your beauty, it is so divine,

Your love, with it I align.

write a rhyming romance poem

My desire for beauty grows each day,

Girlfriend of mine, you take my breath away,

Your eyes like emeralds, shining so bright,

And your lips are so soft, just right,
Your beauty knows no bounds,
It’s no wonder my heart pounds,
My love for you grows, with each passing hour,

Our love will last through sun and shower.

write a rhyming creative romance poem

Your eyes, so bright and blue,
A delicate beauty, to view
Your smile like a gentle breeze
Your laugh, a sweet symphony

When I’m away, I’m still with you
Your beauty, a song I strum
For you, I have a special fondness
Your spirit, a boon I succumb

Your grace, a blessing of light
Your face, a glorious sight
Your heart, a vessel of love
My feelings, from above

Like a rose, you fill the air
Your beauty, a thing I can’t compare
Your love, a warmth I can’t resist
This feeling, I can’t dismiss

My heart, I give to you
A love, I can’t construe
My arms, I wrap around you
Our love, I hope we renew

write a rhyming creative love poem

A romance so sweet, a tale of two hearts
A love that never fades or falls apart

We spend our days together, side by side
Exploring and learning, with each other we confide

We laugh together and we kiss and hug
The joy of our love is always enough

Our story grows more beautiful with each day
We carry our love in every way

Our time together is always so divine
Our hearts are forever intertwined

We’re connected in ways that no one can see
Our love is always here, just you and me

write a rhyming creative romance poem

As I look into your eyes,
it’s like a starry night sky
The love that I feel for you,
is sure to never die.

Whenever we are together,
it’s like nothing else matters
Your beauty, your touch,
I could never be madder.

You make me feel so alive,
my heart is full of glee
Your love has changed my life,
it’s like a dream come true to me.

Our love has grown so strong,
I’m in awe of how it’s been
It keeps me safe and warm,
like a magic spell you’ve spun.

I love you more than words can say,
This is true

write a short rhyming creative romance poem

My love for you grows more each day
An emotion that is here to stay
Your eyes are like stars in the night
Your beauty takes away my fright

Your touch is like a gentle breeze
Your kiss makes my heart skip a beat
The way you look at me so tenderly
Makes me feel so loved, eternally

Your embrace is one I will never forget
Your love for me I never regret
As I feel for you a deep connection
I am blessed with your sweet affection.

write a short modern rhyming creative romance poem

Our hearts beat in unison,
Each day a sweet surprise,
The love that we share so freely,
Grows with each sunrise.

Though we may have our differences,
We always find a way,
To make our love even stronger,
For us, everyday.

Our days are filled with laughter,
Our lives complete with bliss,
And when we’re feeling lonely,
We always have a kiss.

Our love is like a fire,
It never fades away,
It’s the one thing that’s constant,
In our lives, night and day.

write a short modern rhyming creative romance poem

My love is a sweet melody,
That I hear in the morning breeze.
It’s a song of beauty and bliss,
That fills me with a sense of peace.

My love is a warm embrace,
That keeps me safe in any place.
It’s a love that’s strong and true,
And I’ll cherish it my whole life through.

write a rhyming romance poem about hamburgers

Burgers so juicy, they make us swoon,
Lovely buns, crisp lettuce and onions soon,
We’ve shared a meal and a tender kiss,
Grateful for this moment of bliss.
The sizzle of grills, the aroma so sweet,
We’ve found love in this special treat.
Our hearts full of joy, our bellies full too,
Our love for each other is so very true.

write a rhyming romance poem about hamburgers

Burgers so divine, they make me swoon,
I just wanna be with them all afternoon.
I love the way they look and smell,
Makes my heart swell and swell.

The juicy patty, the buns so soft,
My appetite is just aloft.
I can’t help but take a bite,
Making me feel so right.

The flavor so exquisite, so succulent,
My mouth is so content.
This love affair with burgers and me,
Will never ever cease to be.

write a rhyming romance poem about hamburgers

Burger was my one true love,
Its golden brown buns made me swoon
My heart sang when I got a bite,
And I never wanted the night to end so soon.

It satisfied me from head to toe,
Its taste was more than I could ask for
Its patty so juicy and its cheese so gooey,
And it filled me with so much more.

Whenever I took a bite of it,
My heart would go on a wild ride
It made me feel so alive and happy,
And I could never find a burger so sublime.

Though it couldn’t talk or whisper sweet nothings,
It was more than enough for me
And I’ll never forget those sweet nights,
It was the best love I could ever see.

write a romance poem about hamburgers in iambic pentameter

Our love for burgers is so strong,
It’s no surprise that we belong,
We make them at home, with love and care,
Our relationship is so rare.

We’ll share a meal of burgers, fries,
And all the condiments we like,
Our love is sealed with a ketchup kiss,
We’ll never again feel bliss.

write a Free verse creative romance poem

The sun is setting,
Our love is glowing,
The stars are twinkling,
Our love is growing,
Your hand in mine,
Your heart so kind,
Our love is so divine,
It’s too beautiful to define.

write a love sonnet, creative romance poem

Your love is like a pleasant summer breeze
That whistles through the branches of the trees.
It’s gentle touch that sends shivers down my spine
Your love is deeper than the clearest brine.

Your love is like a ray of sunshine bright
That warms me through the long and chilly night.
It’s like a sunrise, bringing hope anew
Your love is something that I can’t undo.

write a Villanelle creative romance poem

The roses wilted, so did my love for her,
The sunset sky faded, but not my burning desire
Amidst a broken heart, I still loved her,

My heart once raced, and I felt so alive
But now I’m nothing, a broken mess of a man,
The roses wilted, so did my love for her,

My actions cold, yet I’m still filled with fire
Though I’m alone, I still feel your embrace
Amidst a broken heart, I still loved her,

The pain of distance, I cannot deny
But these feelings are stronger, and I can’t turn them away
The roses wilted, so did my love for her,

My heart was broken, and I couldn’t breathe
But I still wanted you, even when I couldn’t see
Amidst a broken heart, I still loved her,

The world around us, it will wither and die
But my love for you, will never expire
The roses wilted, so did my love for her,
Amidst a broken heart, I still loved her.

write a Villanelle creative romance poem

Our love, a secret never to be told
The sweetest of feelings that can’t be denied
A love so strong, it will not ever fold

The fire of our passions burning so bold
Into each others arms we will abide
Our love, a secret never to be told

A deep embrace, and a kiss that’s so cold
The feeling of love is no longer denied
A love so strong, it will not ever fold

We can’t help but to feel the stories untold
That will never be uttered nor applied
Our love, a secret never to be told

The beauty of love, that’s never been sold
The feeling of faith and not being denied
A love so strong, it will not ever fold

Though we can’t be together, our love is so bold
A secret that must forever be denied
Our love, a secret never to be told
A love so strong, it will not ever fold

write a short love letter to my crush

Dear [Crush],

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and I just wanted to tell you how much I care about you. Every time I see you my heart skips a beat and I can’t help but smile. I’m so lucky to know someone as wonderful as you.

You bring out the best in me and I’m grateful for that. Being with you is always so much fun and I look forward to all of our future adventures together. I want you to know that I’m here for you no matter what.

I’m so in love with you, [Crush], and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Love always,
[Your Name]

write a moving apology letter to my ex

Dear [Ex],

I want to start by saying how sorry I am for the way I acted. I never meant to hurt you, and I never wanted to be the cause of any of your pain. I know that I said and did things that made you feel bad and I regret it more than you know.

I can see now how wrong I was to take you for granted. I thought that you would always be there for me, no matter what. I never stopped to think about how my words and actions would affect you. I was so wrapped up in my own emotions that I didn’t think about how you were feeling.

I know that I can’t go back and undo all of the damage, but I want you to know that I am truly sorry. I have learned a lot from this experience and I am determined to do better in the future. I hope that one day you can forgive me and that we can find a way to move forward, in whatever way is best for both of us.

[Your Name]

Write an epic sweet clever birthday poem iambic

Twas a day of mirth and joy,
When the birthday girl was born,
The world was bathed in love and light,
A joyous day to adorn.

The sky was bright and blue,
The stars shone down in glee,
As the birthday girl arrived,
To make the world more free.

Her smile was ever bright,
Her eyes were full of cheer,
She brought joy to all around,
Throughout each passing year.

So let us raise a glass,
In honor of this day,
For our dearest beloved,
Who brings us joy in every way.

write a friendly happy birthday poem for my niece

Happy Birthday my sweet niece,
you bring joy and delight,
Your presence is a blessing,
Your laughter a delight.

Your birthday brings us joy,
It’s a chance to celebrate,
We’re proud of all you’ve done,
And all that you create.

Happy Birthday, we wish you,
Peace, love and happiness too,
We hope you have a wonderful day,
And a great year for you.

All these love poems were written with openAI’s GPT-3

It’s pretty fun to play with, some I’m building a love poem generator tool so you can write custom, personalized romantic poetry, put it in a nice font against a pretty background, and send it to someone you care about…

PS. I adore (good) poetry, short and strong and powerful. I’ll have to make a list of favorites – things you can memorize and recite to impress people – but for now check out christy ann martine or grab her poetry book.

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